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Generic ABS P430 (M-Type) Refill Material for uPrint & uPrint + Printers

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Argyle offers a compatible spool/material for Stratasys® uPrint® & uPrint+® 3D Printers. ABS P430 like (M-Type) 1.75mm Model and Break Away Support filament: at huge savings. Argyle spools are 56 (cu in), a lot more material than standard uPrint® spools, and easily fit in your uPrint® material carriers. Dongle Repair Device (DRD) chip supplied and programmed to run 56 cubic inches of filament thru existing red dongle. Enjoy the larger spools with fewer reloads, plus print in color on all uPrint® printers! The 100% money back guarantee and one spool minimum purchase quantity makes this an easy decision. And, if you are wanting a custom color, we can do that too. Try one now!

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