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Shop Used Philips Affiniti 50w Ultrasound Machine for sale

$21600 (USD)

United States· In stock· Used

The Affiniti 70 is priced slightly higher than the Affiniti 50 and comes with Shearwave elastography, single crystal probes, and an adjustable monitor arm. The Affiniti 50's ergonomics and workflow are superb, and the image quality is a major improvement over the less priced ClearVue series.

Features: It includes

Condition: Good Physical and working condition
Mfg. Date 2017
Applications – OBGYN and General Imaging
DICOM Options – Enabled
Software Level – 2.01
Options: GYN, OB, Anatomic MMode, Autoscan, Freehand 3D, HighQ, MaxVue, aBiometry Assist, 3D Color, 4D Imaging, aReveal, SafeGuard, Security Plus, TrueVue
Sold with C9-4V, 3D9-3V and V6-2 Transducers

To know more details this product visit our website: https://www.uscultrasound.com/....product/used-philips and call us at 800-773-4582 or email us at sales@uscultrasound.com

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