Welcome to us as an influencer at Jocial 🤝🤝💲🧏‍♂️
1- Registration link:

Now you have a membership in Jocial. Add all required personal information. Now you have to choose the type of your subscription: $ 60 valid for 3 months or $ 240 valid for one year. Payment supports: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payer, or the purchase of social credit by a member of the company. The minimum amount is withdrawn: $ 100 and supports Bitcoin or the sale of any amount of the balance.

Types of profit from Jocial:
1- Weekly profit without referrals by posting ads on your Facebook account once a week: Maximum profit of 12 $ for a $ 60 subscription per week or $ 15 for a $ 240 subscription.

2- Daily profit linked to subscriptions under your network: match-and-match premium.
First, you must activate the balance feature by registering for you a direct member on the right side and a direct member for you on the left side. Then it works on promoting the link for the weak side in terms of registrations. For each registered and activated member of the weak party, you will win 10%, meaning every $ 60 subscription you win $ 6. And for every $ 240 subscription you win $ 24. You also earn 10% of the profits of direct matching, $ 0.6 for $ 60 subscriptions and $ 2.4 for $ 240 subscriptions.

3- Rank Earning:
A monthly bonus is transferred to the members' accounts on the 11th of each month, for those who have ranks in the company only.
There are six classes:
For a $ 60 subscription, he will benefit from the monthly bonus for grades 1, 2 and 3
For the $ 240 subscription, all ranks benefit from the bonus
This bonus is worth 5% of the company's income for that month, distributed according to the number of members of each stage.
Silver Club: 3 direct members
The Golden Club: 6 direct members
Platinum Club: 9 direct members
Diamond Club: 12 direct members
Crown Club: 15 direct members
- The Ambassador Club: 18 direct members
Where the Ambassador's rank bonus (Rank 6) exceeds $ 405 and above.

4- If you have 5 direct members activating the $ 240 package, all your direct members earn 10% of their total profits. For example, you have a $ 500 bonus member. You benefit from a $ 50 bonus

6- Use the webinar feature within your company account to present a direct seminar for a period of more than an hour and a half, provided that you are ranked fourth and above, and that more than 10 people are present with you in the seminar. You win 2000 RP and convert it to $ 20

Jocial Platform Registration| Advanced Influencer Marketing Platform

Jocial Platform Registration| Advanced Influencer Marketing Platform

Jocial Influencer marketing platform has made its mark in digital advertising industry.