Budget-friendly heavy equipment auctions

You will enjoy a budget-friendly heavy equipment auction after visiting Alex Lyon and Son. We are a leading online marketplace for the sale and purchase of secondhand equipment and other long-lasting assets. We bring buyers and sellers of secondhand equipment together through weekly online auctions and Marketplace, an online marketplace with a variety of pricing and delivery choices. We are the largest independent dealer and public auction house in the United States. Vehicles, equipment, and recreational assets from all levels of government, manufacturers, financial institutions, and registered dealers are auctioned by us. We work with a wide spectrum of clients, from individuals wishing to sell one-of-a-kind things to businesses looking to convert stock into cash or businesses in financial crisis. We hold an auction in our facilities or on your premises, depending on your needs or circumstances. We amass a broad understanding of the products on the market. Our team has a wealth of experience and access to our records, allowing us to provide you with desktop appraisals or written papers.

For more info:- https://www.lyonauction.com/