The vogue of the sonorous beauty is popular all over the world.

Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch, and the hot search topic breaks

Lorraine Academy and Fengxian Academy are opposite, only separated by a large square, so it took them only ten minutes to walk to the gate of Lorraine Academy. After talking to the guards at the gate of the Academy and taking out a sign of Fengxian Academy, they could finally go in like the wind. I didn't expect it to be so strict here, and people said that Lorraine Academy was very relaxed. Rufeng pursed his mouth and took the sign into his arms. Yu Jue chuckled: "Relaxation is only relatively speaking. In fact, any Academy will check the people coming in and out, for the safety of the students." Rufeng had to reluctantly nod in agreement. Rufeng and Yujue walked all the way in, which also had to climb some stone steps to get to other people's Academy, and the scenery along the way was similar to Fengxian Academy, but there were not so many maple trees. Fengxian Academy is more small and exquisite, and Lorraine Academy is more simple and atmospheric. Passing by many students on the road, they all wore blue robes, only Rufeng and Yujue wore white clothes, so they were particularly eye-catching in the crowd, attracting a lot of attention. Rufeng stopped a young man who looked very kind and said, "Brother, I am Yuchi Rufeng, the head of Fengxian Academy. I have something to discuss with the head of your Academy. Where can I find him?" Rufeng's manner was polite and sincere, but the young man's face turned red, and he stammered: "… …" Brother, we.. We Zai Chang. Before he had finished speaking,heavy duty racking system, he ran away. Don't run back and say, "Ask someone else." Rufeng looked at Yujue in astonishment. Yujue was also surprised. "I've heard that Lorraine Academy and Fengxian Academy have always been hostile to each other, but I've never heard of such a situation." Rufeng raised his eyebrows, looked at the pedestrians on the road, and was about to find another person to ask for directions when he heard the voice of Rong Yiying. Just now someone told me that there were two people from Fengxian Academy in the Academy, and the short one was very beautiful. Some people were panicked by his big eyes, so I planned to come and have a look, but I didn't think it was really you. "Rong Yiying's voice is still light,pipe cantilever rack, mixed with sarcasm." Xiao Ying, you finally came. Oh, I thought I wouldn't see you. If the wind is very happy, "Oh, it seems that my charm is still as strong, hey.." Seeing that Rufeng was ready to boast again, Rong Yiying quickly changed the subject: "I'll take you to find Zhai Chang." Let Rufeng go on, he can not stand it, this boy was born with a good skin, but also so proud, not a woman, men, what is the use of beautiful appearance, strong ability is serious. Rufeng had to shut up, really, Industrial pallet rack ,Narrow aisle rack, in Fengxian Academy, because Rufeng is familiar with everyone, so they are also casual to themselves, now come here, everyone's own vision, all of a sudden let Rufeng's vanity satisfied. In the final analysis, Rufeng is very satisfied with his face. Superficial! Rong Yiying snorted coldly. Rufeng curled his lips: "Xiao Ying, you just can't see me happy, can you?" Shaking his head, he said, "What a twisted guy. People need praise so that we can do better and be happier." "All right, Rufeng, you can be quiet for a while." Yu Jue saw that Rong Yiying quickened his pace and reminded him to shake his head like the wind. Rufeng raised his eyes and looked at Yu Jue carefully: "Brother Jue, in fact, you are also very handsome. You are the type of a modest gentleman, the representative of gentleness, the prince in a woman's heart, and the dream lover of a girl who has not left the cabinet.." "All right, Rufeng, don't say it." Yu Jue hurriedly called a halt, but his ears were red. I'm not finished yet. Rufeng protested. Here we are, this is our vegetarian chief! Rong Yiying said coldly. Rufeng quickly shut up and gazed at them, and the vegetarian chief stood in the pavilion watching them. The head of the Lorraine Academy was a young man about twenty years old, named Gao Yueqi. He looked ordinary, but he was so powerful that he stood in front of him as harmless as a little white rabbit. If the wind visual inspection, he is about 1.9 meters, wearing a sky-blue suit, this is the school uniform of Lorraine College, which reveals the muscle lines of his whole body. Different from Fengxian Academy, which is spacious and elegant, Lorraine Academy pays attention to simplicity and generosity, and it also has a unique flavor when worn on the body. Rufeng then looked at Rong Yiying's clothes, looked at his sharp curve, reached out to touch Rong Yiying's chest, sighed: "Xiao Ying, you have a good figure, concave and convex ah." Rong Yiying immediately flashed a sneak attack like the wind and glared at the wind mercilessly: "Let's talk about you." Next to Yu Jue also pulled Rufeng's hand back: "Don't touch it." But Gao Yueqi didn't seem to see this scene. He looked directly at Rufeng and said, "Mr. Yuchi, let's start talking." "Call me Rufeng," Rufeng said cheerfully. "I'll call you Yueqi directly." The other side nodded.! Chapter 043 discussion. "I don't know what you think about this game?" The three of them sat on the stone bench, and Rong Yiying leaned on the pillar of the pavilion with his sword, and asked with a smile as the wind opened its mouth first. No problem, just the same as before. Gao Yueqi said without hesitation, what is there to say, Fengxian Academy and Lorraine have been deeply resentful, so everyone is bound to win this victory. Rufeng looked at him disappointedly: "Don't you want to innovate?"? What's the point of always being the same as before? Gao Yueqi looked at him in surprise. "What do you want?" If the wind looked at Yu Jue, Yu Jue hurriedly handed a roll of white paper in his arms to Gao Yueqi. Gao Yueqi took it doubtfully. After looking through it, he looked at Rufeng steadily: "This plan.." That's good,Pallet rack beams, but do the other academies agree? And if we do follow this plan, we will be very busy. "Does Yueqi think it's troublesome?"? Let's not call it a competition. Let's change the name and call it a sports meeting. All the academies in Xiangzhou City will come to participate. How lively and fun it is! Rufeng laughed so hard that his eyes narrowed into a line. But why don't I understand something here? Gao Yueqi did not know whether he was perfunctory or interested, and casually pointed to a noun.


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