The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

Original title: Running 10: Zhou Shen challenges the Olympic champion, contracts the whole period to watch, and the hot search topic breaks

The huge stone door slid open, a mountain of gold, silver and jewelry appeared in front of us, and the strong visual impact made Ziqing squint. Hey hey, these two people are really good means, the things here are at least dozens of cubic meters, this is counted as silver. I can't figure out my math knowledge. The national teacher's face changed, surprise, fear. He lowers his head, his hand is holding a dagger, this is the magic weapon of X country tribute, cutting iron like mud, even gold and jade can be like cutting tofu. He wanted to sneak attack, with his crafty psychology, no matter who, the first sight of this huge treasure piled up in front of him, will be absent. And this is the best time for a sneak attack. He doesn't want to share his wealth with a little girl who comes out of nowhere. How, how is it possible.. The magic soldier who cuts iron like mud can't pierce each other's body. Completely instinctive, the hand again forced the bucket two times, still difficult to enter the cent. The cold sweat on the national teacher's face came down, looked up, and looked gingerly down the wrist dagger. Chapter 238 "Wealth Value" is completed. Zi Qing, with bright eyes and white teeth, was looking at herself with a smile. That white shellfish teeth, bright and clean as the bright moonlight,Drive in racking system, is obviously like the beautiful smile of spring breeze and rain, why see in his eyes as if emitting a cold light like people shudder? Why are you poking me with this dagger? Zi Qing asked innocently. Ah This, this.. I This is the magic weapon I collected. It can cut iron like mud. I want to dedicate it to you. "Well." Zi Qing took the dagger with a smile and gently scratched the blade with her thumb. Space products?! He rolled his eyes and asked, "This is really a good thing. I wonder where the national teacher got the treasure?" Trembling, the national teacher wiped the sweat from his face with a robe trimmed with gold thread. Unconsciously, his waist and back bent down, and he could no longer straighten up. "Yes, it was presented to His Majesty the Emperor by X Guojing, and then it was given to me.." Such a magic weapon,Narrow aisle rack, is the emperor willing to give it away? "Country X?" When the national teacher heard the other side's questioning, he thought that the other side would not pursue the matter of poking others with a dagger just now, and he said everything like pouring beans in a bamboo tube. In fact, it is very simple, that is, in the X country, someone found this dagger in a cave, found that it cut iron like mud, as a magic weapon, and then dedicated to the king, the king then in order to please the superior country, again. Finally, it fell into the hands of the national teacher. Zi Qing has a momentary desire to follow the dagger, so she may find another player in the task world, of course, they may have completed the task and left. Another possibility is to find the true world of cultivation, but in this way, can you protect yourself? The most important thing is that I am now a snail girl. Soap can cover up evil spirits. It's OK to deal with ordinary Taoist priests and mortals. What if you meet those powerful people? So It's better to do it slowly. You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. What's more, long span shelving ,radio shuttle racking, in the pile of treasures in front of us, Ziqing sensed with divine consciousness that there were many treasures with spiritual fluctuations, which was more than enough to complete the task of "wealth value". Ziqing is holding a dagger. Just so.. In the stunned, stunned, incredulous gaze of the other. Gently poke into the body of the national teacher, once, twice. Eh. Really like poking tofu, there is no resistance at all. After that, Zi Qing looked at old Wang Ge, who was extremely frightened with his mouth open, and said with a smile, "Oh.". Don't be afraid. Come here. Take the dagger. Old Wang Ge stepped forward, his legs and feet trembling, and then a smell of urine came out. Zi Qing frowned slightly and ignored it. Turn into the treasure house and put all the spiritual things inside into the carry-on space. Had it not been for the fact that there were so many things in her own space, she would have "laughed" directly. Take it back and let Lingxu sort it out for himself. But now the space is limited, so naturally we can only pick up the most valuable ones. Ziqing put everything in order. Clap your hands and Shi Shiran leaves. Well, it's not challenging. Zi Qing just used Zhenyuan to condense into a shield to protect her body, and the dagger could not pierce her, of course, if the other side also had Zhenyuan. That's another story. Strength is good, victory, killing, strength rolling and so on are so lovely. The national teacher was killed by Wang Ge Lao?! The whole country was shocked, and the emperor was finally able to feel proud and elated. Taking this opportunity, in the name of redressing the grievances of the national teacher, he pulled out Wang Ge Lao, who was too big to drop. Kill two birds with one stone, solve these two big cancer about their own imperial power, really really gratifying ah. But while he was grateful to the mysterious man who had done all this, the suspicion and "hegemony" in his heart came up again. Since the mysterious man can kill these two cancers at the same time, if he wants to deal with himself is not … Easy as pie? No, no, there is a chance to find that person, if it can be used for their own good, otherwise. It is called that those who go with the plan will prosper and those who go against themselves will perish! Ziqing is well versed in human nature and the way of "king". One mountain can not tolerate two tigers, so in history, it has always been "flying birds do their best to hide their bows, foxes die and dogs cook". In the past, although the emperor was a puppet of the imperial power, it did not mean that he did not have the ambition and cruelty of the king. On the contrary, I am afraid that his desire for power is stronger and more arbitrary, so how can anyone threaten his position? So Ziqing is like a ghost, a wisp of wind, gently passing through the imperial capital, taking away the wealth value he needs, and then gently leaving. The country is once again regal, although all the ruling classes are the same, and they are all above the ordinary people. For ordinary people, there is no difference who is the emperor, they only care about their own one mu of land, care about their own head of exorbitant taxes and levies is not inexplicably increased a few? Therefore, as long as the policy is beneficial to them, they will support it. Of course, whether you like it or not, the result is the same. Those things that can capsize a boat with water can only happen in a certain context. However,Pallet rack supplier, this problem is too complicated, and there is no antidote at all. There is no world harmony, no Utopia.. Who cares? Dynasties change. History is so early.


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