Details how to start over on turbotax

To reinstall TurboTax, simply purchase the needed version of the software and reinstall it on your computer. However, before you install the new TurboTax edition, make sure you uninstall the previous version of TurboTax.

If you installed the incorrect version of Turbotax on your computer, you will have to uninstall it and start over. You should be aware that if you clear and start over with TurboTax, your account will not be destroyed. It will safely save the prior year's version of the tax returns. Aside from that, if you learn how to start over on turbotax then you will simply delete all of the current year's information. 

You might be wondering how to start over on turbotax. All you have to do is use TurboTax's "Clear and Start Over" function. The start over feature does not remove your TurboTax account and will keep your previous year's returns intact while you perform this activity. The only things that will be erased are your entries for this year. You can't downgrade without starting over, especially if you're currently working on your tax return. You must resubmit all of your W2 forms, investments, and tax-related information in this scenario. 


Follow the steps below to re-enter your information in TurboTax: 


  1.Look for the "Start Over" button. 

  2.To learn how to start over on turbotax log into your TurboTax online account and select the "My Account" button. 

  3.Locate and select the "Clear Start Over" option. 

  4.The page will now take you to the start of your tax return. In this section, you can re-enter the data for the 2019 tax year. 

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