World of Warcraft: Shadowlands-Complex Extreme Guild gets the world's first

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In fact, for many World of Warcraft players, the new assault level means that people are watching to clean up the game on the difficulty of "Myth". So far, due to the positive reception of Shadowlands, more bands have competed for the world's number one championship in Nathria Castle than usual. But in the fiercely competitive scene, several older guilds pulled forward, and a duplicate name finally defeated the last Mythic boss nine days after his release.

Although many raids were dominated by European Union guilds, when the complexity of the American guild first defeated N'Zoth in Ny'alotha, the previous game shocked the world. As a returning champion, Limit enjoys a high reputation, especially when the WOW Classic Gold competition is narrowed to them and Echo from the European Union. But in the end, Limit won the Mythic World First victory by successfully defeating Sire Denathrius.

Players who have made progress on Normal and Heroic difficulty should recognize most of Sire Denathrius's battles in Limit's attempts. However, in Phase 3, there is an additional mechanism that forces the team to spread the raid between the main room and the mirrored area when dealing with bosses on both sides. It was this fabulous stage that allowed Limit to make more than 140 attempts, because the raid could hardly end Denathrius before the bitter anger wiped everyone out.

But after several near-fatal killings, including 1.9% and 0.9% this morning, Limit finally defeated Mythic Denathrius in the afternoon. Under the leadership of the raid leader Max, Limit managed to win the victory before angering the timer, and then tens of thousands of Twitch viewers watched cheering and celebrating.

Although it is not surprising that Xtreme claims to be No. 1 in the world at Nasria Castle, the composition of their raid team failed to meet the expectations of each character from the hierarchy list. Specifically, despite being marked as much weaker than in the Battle for Azeroth, protection fighters and weapon fighters are part of the killing. Even in the highest level of competition, each class can play its own role to ease the skills of certain bosses or provide the necessary gains to defeat strict irritation timers.

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