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I suddenly saw that his eyes were slightly red, but I knew immediately that he was drunk. He didn't eat very much. He just kept drinking the wine. He had already drunk more than a catty. His expression and behavior became lively, and he was getting closer to the Lu Weifu he had seen

However, Jin Tie didn't care. He simply buckled his backhand and grabbed one of the man's arms. He used his whole body as a weapon and threw it wildly. The people around him were flying around. Now he didn't care whether he was an enemy or a friend. Anyway, all the people who came up were beaten wildly. The poor guy he caught was like doing a centrifugal force test. He was almost thrown to vomit, but his body would spontaneously avoid any danger. Whether he wanted to hit the wall or fall on the broken glass, he could minimize the damage he suffered. After falling for a long time, he only left a small scar on the other side. Hey, who the hell are you? Jin Tie raised his hand, hung the guy up, and asked loudly. But the man did not answer, his right hand scattered, and the broken glass in his hand, like a rain all over the sky, shot into Jin Tie's eyes. Jin Tie smiled and slanted his head slightly. Of course, the glass could not hurt him. At the moment when he slanted his head, the man's body swung and his right foot kicked Jin Tie's neck. All his strength was concentrated on this foot. "Hey!" Jin Tie threw his hand and easily defused the foot. As the saying goes, one force drops ten meetings. No matter how powerful a person is, it is useless if his strength is not enough. What's more, he can't do any harm to Jin Tie now. Basically, however, neither of them could deal with the other, and at the moment the gold iron threw him out, his muscles contracted, his hand clasped by the gold iron broke away from the grasp of the gold iron,Magnesium Oxide MgO, and he fell to the wall, then bounced up, bounced on the ceiling, even ran a few steps, and then fell to the other side of the wall, hooking his hands and feet at the same time. It was just fixed on the wall. Jin Tie blinked his eyes, wondering if this man was the disciple in black? How can you do that? This way of bouncing combat, seems to be the unique learning of black clothes, Ren Qianyou and Xiao Qi are very good at,Magnesium Oxide powder, only Jin Tie is too big, not suitable for such a way of combat. But soon he found out that it wasn't, because he found that the guy was dressed like a. Yeah, a cat? Just now, the bone spur on Jin Tie's fist was the sharp claw that popped up from his claw. His sensitive reaction ability was also very similar to that of a cat. His eyes were on the harvest line at this time, and he looked particularly cold. Behind his buttocks, there was a tail shaking slowly. Obviously, he was very angry. No, not him, but.. Her? Only then did Jin Tie discover that this guy with short hair and quick action turned out to be a woman. The most obvious thing was her chest, probably because she didn't have the habit of wearing a bra. It was hot, and the sweat that had just come out after strenuous exercise soaked her chest, faintly revealing something. Hiss.. Jin Tie licked her tongue. Unfortunately, she was not particularly big, and her figure was petite. It was completely different from the plump type that Jin Tie appreciated. En, probably not old enough. If she grew up for two or three years, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, she would take more supplements and exercise regularly. She should be able to plump a little. Wow, Catwoman! I've seen Catwoman on TV before. She's so sexy and plump. Plus a black leather coat. Drool dripped down. Hiss.. The cat woman standing on the wall did not think so much, her eyes became more and more cold, and then suddenly jumped down and ran to the gold iron. Jin Tie grinned and put on a posture to catch the cat. Unexpectedly, before he could react, he found that his right leg hurt. Although he was not injured, it was a white mark. At the same time, his trouser legs were torn off a big strip, revealing his hairy thick legs. Damn it! You want me to run naked! Jin Tie scolded, very distressed about his clothes, turned around and punched the past, which hit the floor firmly, leaving a big hole in the ground, and Catwoman had already flashed past before his fist arrived. This time, the other half of Jin Tie's trousers were torn, and his hairy legs were exposed again. What a fast speed! Not even slower than Xiao Qi! Get to the front line faster than Dive! Moreover, if it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll have no clothes on my body. Although I usually wear very little in training, I don't like to wear too many clothes on my body, but Jin Tie doesn't want to dance naked here. Jin Tie roared at the small hoodlum standing next to him. The small hoodlum simply threw the whole bag over. Jin Tie grabbed a lot of potatoes from it and threw them out desperately. The potatoes thrown out by Jin Tie had great lethality, because after the texture of the potatoes was transformed into metal, they became loose structures with many small holes, so the elasticity of these potatoes was also good. After landing, it would bounce up again, and for a moment the whole hall was full of potatoes flying and bouncing, and Catwoman, who was running close to the ground, had to stop attacking and dodge the potatoes. Volume III Number One Scholar and Chapter 84 Teasing Cat But this can only be delayed for a while, the potatoes in the bag are not much, Jin Tie smashed a few seconds has been smashed, so Jin Tie had to smash out all the green peppers and garlic in the bag, and then smashed a few times, Jin Tie grabbed a lot of long beans from the bag, Jin Tieh kept knotting the beans with both hands, quickly formed a chain more than two meters long, and waved it out. Now the attack range is much larger, and Catwoman dare not approach Jin Tie again. But in this way, Jin Tie did not want to help again, and the guys who had just been knocked down by Jin Tie staggered to their feet and continued to fight. While playing, Jin Tie while dark cool, although he can not suppress the enemy, but this kind of casually take anything can be made into weapons feeling, so that Jin Tie is really cool to the extreme, almost thought he was the legendary master. Unfortunately, although the chain seems to have a wide range of attacks, it seems to be hit by a very painful, but it is actually not a big attack, even if the gold and iron so powerful people, can not let the flexible chain play a similar stick of power, catwoman although the action like a cat, but not stupid,Magnesium Oxide price, she found herself unable to attack the gold and iron, no longer storm, but the whole person jumped on the ceiling. He took down the huge chandelier that kept rotating on the ceiling and threw it at the golden iron.

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