Sea of clouds and the edge of a jade bow

Sha Luoben grasped the scabbard of Qingzang Dao with great force. His fingers turned pale. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, that's it.". Take action at dawn tomorrow, send five hundred men to take the east road to bypass Dawei, burn their grain depot to Zawang, pull o

He is the most eminent monk in India. His father, Gui Huasheng, was taught by him when he was in Nepal. He is now nearly 100 years old. At the age of 18, Master Tong Chan was the most eminent monk in China, so both of them already knew each other's names. The Venerable Aro continued, a thousand years ago, the Bodhidharma Patriarch brought the Yi Jin and Xi Sui Sutras to China, and created your school of martial arts. The secret book has been lost in our country for a long time. I think there must be a master of these two kinds of kungfu in the real school. I wonder if you can give me some advice again. An eye-opener for the disciple? The implication seemed to be that the Great Mercy Zen Master who had just competed with him was not enough. According to the rules of the tournament, the winner has the right to continue to challenge the opponent if he refuses to stop, but the opponent has no right. If you force him to fight again, you can only make demands. The Shaolin disciples were afraid that he would not fight again, and when they saw that he wanted to continue the competition, they were overjoyed. Want Knowing that the Great Mercy Zen Master was defeated by him did not mean that the Shaolin Sect's kung fu was inferior to that of India, but that the Great Mercy Zen Master's "King Kong is indestructible." The "posture" is only three points of heat, so the "lion's roar work" given to him is scattered. If the person in the air makes a move, he will be dealt with. More than enough. Unexpectedly, Master Tong Chan just smiled and said lightly, "The kungfu contained in these two secret scriptures is extensive and profound, and I am a poor monk." I haven't got a glimpse yet. 。 The Venerable Aro thought he was speaking politely, so he worshipped him again and was about to make a request when the Venerable Master Painful Zen went on to say, "We are the same in a foreign country." Source,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, there are many places to learn from each other. There is no need to be in a hurry today. After the meeting, Master Qu is invited to visit our temple. The poor monk should do his best to know and be great. Division seminar. Please don't be any more polite. Gently with both hands, the Venerable Aro used the heavy body method to try the kungfu of the Master of Painful Zen. The finger of the master who knows the pain is just a gesture. Still touching his body, the Venerable Aro felt a great force and could not help it. I was "brought" up, and I was sincerely convinced by the kungfu of Master Painful Zen. Back down. The disciples were greatly puzzled. Master Painful Zen smiled at the Supreme Master and said, "This man just wants to see the martial arts of the Middle Earth. Do you mean it?" Bad, why do we have to win or lose with him? If the disciples have such a thought,304 Stainless Steel Coil, they have violated the Buddhist doctrine of "delusion gives birth to four things". Here we go. Could it be that someone dares to belittle the martial arts of this school after a defeat of great sorrow? It turned out that the Venerable Aro had just compared with the Great Mercy Zen Master. When he used the Lion's Roar Skill to break the Great Mercy King Kong's indestructible posture, he could have used the killer, but he only used 20% of his strength. The Great Mercy Zen Master was able to do no harm to the Upper Pain Zen Master. He knew that the Younger Martial Brother was the nature of Jiang Gui. He was old and hot, and his martial arts were strong and fierce. Son, if he comes out to pick up the Venerable Aro, I'm afraid that after he starts his magic skill, he won't be able to hold back and hurt the other side. What's the matter with him Ann? Therefore, I would rather let my school lose a game and persuade the disciples to leave. The Venerable Aro, still standing in the center of the hall, said in a loud voice, "I am a poor monk visiting the upper kingdom. I am lucky to have a grand occasion. I would like to pay my respects to you in the middle of your kingdom." Martial arts, who would like to come out for advice? Although Qunxiong knew that his purpose was just to watch martial arts, he was invited by Meng Shentong and could not lose again and again. Give him. However, even the ability of the Great Mercy Zen Master was defeated, and the masters of various schools were naturally unwilling to fight for the sake of their identities. Fei Chou I can't think of a suitable person. Tang Jingtian whispered, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, "Bing'e, you can win him." "I'm not native to China either," said the Glacier Heavenly Maiden with a smile. Martial arts. Originally, Tang Jingtian was sure to win, but he had already fought with the Venerable Aro once in the Ice Palace, and then went out to fight with him. Even if we defeat him, I'm afraid we'll give him a snigger. No one in China. Suddenly a burst of laughter broke through the silence. Yi Zhongmou dragged the iron crutch out and said with a laugh, "I'm always lucky to be the last one." Death, I have come to learn the magic skill of the eminent monk. The laughter was directed at Meng Shentong, although Meng Shentong did not intend to send him that day. Kill, only to the seventh Shura Yin Sha Gong, but also did not expect him to recover in half a year, but also dare to come out. In the contest of martial arts, he couldn't help thinking, "Shaoyang Xuangong is of some wonderful use. If Lu Siniang were alive, today's meeting would only I'm afraid I won't be able to win. ” The Venerable Aro did not know the quarrel between Yi Zhongmou and Meng Shentong. He believed that Yi Zhongnian had watched the battle in the Ice Palace last time. The old beggar, when he was fighting with Tang Jingtian, finally lost a move, when he was defeated, he also heard the laughter of Yi Zhongnian. This After listening to Yi Zhongnian's words, he seemed to be full of sarcasm. He only said that he was underestimating himself. He couldn't help being angry and asked coldly, "Is the leader of the Wing Sect?" Do you want to compare weapons? "Exactly," said Yi Zhongnian. "The master has already had a fight. How about a change?" Arozun He pulled out his Xuan Tie Bao Dao to show his agreement. "Master Wanli is still here," said Yi Zhongmou. "I'm not with you. Please come in." Arozun He rounded his broadsword and said, "The sword is merciless. Please be careful." Knife flash, immediately across the past, thought in the heart: "Even if I don't hurt him, I'll have to cut off his crutch. How can he laugh?" This Xuan Tie Dao of the Venerable Aro weighs forty-eight catties. It is both heavy and sharp. It is a famous sword in India. He has practiced the superior internal skill of "Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Elephant", and the internal force is vigorous. Under this knife, the end has the potential of breaking mountains and rocks. Mighty without Len! Wing Zhongmou will also crutches Lun round, swept past, is the intersection of the staff, when the sparks fly, issued a very loud sound of the bell. The shock made the ears and drums ring, and the weapons of both sides were not damaged, but they both gave the internal force of the opposite force, as if they were in the wind. Like a boat, swaying! It turned out that Yi Zhongnian's iron crutch was cast from the monk's Zen staff, which was defeated by Lu in the battle of Mangshan. Siniang, on her deathbed, inserted the staff into the stone wall, which was later taken down by Gan Fengchi and changed into an iron crutch, which was passed on to the "Iron Crutch Immortal". Lv Qing, after the death of Lv Qing, the iron crutches were transferred to the hands of Yi Zhongmou. Now they have become the treasures of the town and county of the Beggars' Sect. They are not afraid of precious swords, and wings Zhong Nian got the true biography of Gan Fengchi. When it comes to the depth of his internal strength,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he was still above his elder sister Cao Jiner. This time, he fought with the Venerable Aro. Weapon skill is not lost, it is half a catty.

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