Tangmen Masters in Other Worlds (serialized)

There was a table between them, but Philip did not offer his hand. Mildred closed the door softly. Philip heard her moving in the bedroom. After a while, I heard the creak of the bed when Mildred went to bed. Chapter 92 The next day was Tuesday. As usual, Philip took two bites of breakfast

However, from the immediate things to infer that the idea of the map of heaven is actually the city of blood fog, which is really a surprise to Tang Feng. Blood fog city is one of the two major forces in the mainland today, which is several grades higher than the three major forces of Li Tang. This time, Blood fog city sent Ouyang Yu to contact Daixue Palace and covet the treasure of Tiangong Villa. Is there any intention for Li Tang Empire? Do not understand, Tang Feng is too lazy to think, people may just stare at the map of heaven, after all, the value of this thing is not lower than any of the ten magic soldiers. This place is really not suitable for a long stay, in case Ouyang Yu killed a horse gun is not good, Tang Feng looked around, in addition to a few scattered Daixue Palace disciples are fighting, there is no other master of the existence, rest assured to come out of the house, use the body to flee to the flying snow building. The Flying Snow Building was empty now, and everyone went out to fight under the silent leadership of Feng Piaoxu and uuā, so it was empty inside. Tang Feng came to the place where he lived before, quickly dispersed his ability to confuse the real with the fake and reincarnate, restored his original appearance, closed the doors and windows, and sat down cross-legged. As always,Walking measuring wheel, the sense of detachment came like a flood, and this time the ability to reincarnate was not long, but Tang Feng kept it false and true, and then poisoned, and his own consumption was huge. However, it is only out of force, and there is no feeling of pain and emptiness of the Dantian in the past. With the condensation of the body and the increase of strength, the sequelae of reincarnation are becoming less and less obvious. Shouting to kill outside has nothing to do with Tang Feng,Fiberglass tape measure, he now just want to quickly restore the body of Gang Qi, as well as cure his right arm injury. He took some healing medicine from Phantom Space and smeared it on the festering wound of his right arm, and the intense pain made Tang Feng grin. Very not easy to finish smearing the whole arm, Tang Feng then closed his eyes, the operation is not constant, but still separated a part of the mind to pay attention to the movement outside. At this time, in front of the palace where Ouyang Yu lived, a figure broke down from the air and went straight in. It was Ouyang Yu who came, and the battle between him and Snow Girl was equally divided, regardless of winning or losing. Xie Xuechen has gone, Ouyang Yu naturally has no intention to stay here, now run here just to see how the treasure he hid. After entering the room, Ouyang Yu glanced at it and was surprised that the mechanism he had set up had been triggered, and the dry bones lying on the ground were obviously the end of the poisonous smoke, Fish measuring board ,Horse weight lbs, but what about the map of heaven? Turning around, Ouyang Yu couldn't help chuckling. It seemed that there had been a good show of mantis catching cicada and yellow sparrow in the back. The map of heavenly works must have been taken away by the yellow sparrow hidden in the back. However, it is better to stay in the Li Tang Empire than to be taken by the Bloody Fog City. Out of a small BUGUG, careful book friends should be found, now revised, does not affect reading, hey, these days the head is muddleheaded, I do not know if it is too hot. Chapter 435 fame. The civil strife in Daixue Palace was huge, but it didn't last long. It was only one night. One night passed, and all Xie Xuechen's confidants were killed. Under the leadership of Uuā and Feng Piaoxu, the masters of Daixue Palace soon stabilized the situation. After that, the imperial concubine Xiaoya came out in person, and the civil strife finally came to an end. Daixue Palace has changed ownership for three years, and its strength has been greatly damaged. Not to mention anything else, five of the top six killers on the 12th of Daixuelou have died. That's the top five today. Only Xiaoyiye is left, and the situation of Xiaoyiye is not optimistic now. It's been too long since he was hit by snow cold methamphetamine. He hasn't taken the antidote for suppression for more than a year. Now the toxin spreads all over his body, and it's only a matter of time before his strength is exhausted. Tianjie, in the eyes of ordinary people, is like a fairy, powerful and mysterious. But it is not difficult to reach the rank of heaven. Generally, as long as you form your own heart in the three or four layers of refining, you will be able to win the rank of heaven in your lifetime. It is difficult to make a difference after promotion. "In addition to the three major forces, the other clan at most has the top grade of the order of heaven. If you want to be promoted to the top grade of the order of heaven, you should not only have good aptitude, but also have understanding and chance. Countless top grade masters are stuck in this pass, and they can't spy on the mystery of the top grade until they die." But Daixue Palace lost five people in a short period of one month. This accounts for almost half of the number of top-grade masters of the whole Daixue character. But comparatively speaking, this pay is worth it, recovered the whole Daixue Palace, Xie Xuechen was also killed, from now on, Daixue Palace once again returned to the embrace of the original master, but the old palace master was abandoned "now also old, it is obvious that there is no energy and no mood to take charge of Daixue palace, so the master of the second largest force of Li Tang must be Fei Xiaoya.". After three days, "Daixue Palace was very busy. All the people on the second floor of Sanzong were informed that the traitor Xie Xuechen had been killed. The new palace master, Concubine Xiaoya, took office. After seeing Concubine Xiaoya, the masters with heads and faces naturally vowed to follow Concubine Xiao Ya's lead and go through fire and water. They were willing to be crushed to pieces for Daixue Palace.". It's not that Fei Xiaoya has much prestige in front of these people. "The most important thing is that on the day the Lord of the castle took office, the old Lord of the palace sat next to her and watched.". The prestige of the old palace master, even after three years, has not weakened at all, and this old guy, who is now panting when he moves, still has to shake three times when he stamps his feet in Daixue Palace. What's more, after leaving Daixue Palace for more than ten years, the two great killing gods stood aside like guards. How dare they not show their loyalty? Of course,cattle weight tape, many of them were originally loyal to the old palace master, but they were poisoned by snow ice and forced to submit to Xie Xuechen. Now their poison is also the antidote given by the imperial concubine Xiaoya. Naturally, they are loyal to the new palace master. tapemeasure.net

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