The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty

There was a table between them, but Philip did not offer his hand. Mildred closed the door softly. Philip heard her moving in the bedroom. After a while, I heard the creak of the bed when Mildred went to bed. Chapter 92 The next day was Tuesday. As usual, Philip took two bites of breakfast

A Korean man in a village, with more than a dozen shotguns, banged the Chinese army a hundred meters in front of the position, dust flying, and then, like a man's capital, an ancient pine cannon shook violently but very briefly, spraying out a large black stone and iron, which is a sophisticated weapon made for the Korean people. What else is there to say? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, you give me papaya, I respond with Qiongyao! Da-da-da-da, the crisp sound of machine guns rang angrily and cynically on the saddle. As a result, the South Korean guerrillas abandoned their weapons, ammunition, and a few veteran's eggs with the panicked speed of a wasp stinging their buttocks. They slipped away as if they were covered with oil, which made the Chinese soldiers wonder for a long time. Don't you like to fight? Do you like to take the shelf to pull the field? "Why is it all a lie that children play house?" "No, this group of sticks, actually catch up with the interception army, go, go to their house to play games!" A soldier suggested, filled with indignation. Be sure to play the game well! "Forget it, we still have a task, wait to lay down Seoul to play games, you did not see them wearing that clothes?"? Dirty, certainly do not have the habit of bathing, come to think of it, their big girl and little daughter-in-law are not much better, you do not dislike, we are not disgusting! "Look, your foreman's vision is high." "Go and come back when you have time." "When I have time, there won't be so many Korean girls coming to my door." "Huh?" Which of our follow-up brothers is a soft persimmon? Aren't they a pack of howling wolves? Go, go, go! Quickly explore the way, the regimental commander said,horse weight tape, as long as our top soldiers do not die, to Seoul, one person first sent a 15-year-old young Korean beauty, whatever you want to play! "Good!"! Come on! Brothers! This group of beasts immediately boiled with blood and plunged forward in a rush of fire. In the position of Xinping, the Third Army rushed to attack and crossed the mountains and forests. It took only two days for the whole army to go out. Then, before the rainy season came in Korea, although it was the hottest summer in June, it was also during the dry season. The troops trudged through the upper reaches of the Imjin River. A few of them collected nearby ships or doors of Korean people's homes within dozens of miles. All the wood and so on were brought in, and the raft was made with a little binding. A large number of personnel and horses were rushed across the river. Just then, to everyone's surprise, a group of South Korean soldiers came out and fired at the Chinese troops by the river. Come on, come on, Korean soldiers! There are Korean soldiers! "Where?" There it is! That's not? A great crowd, dozens of people, nay, perhaps hundreds! "His father's head, finally came out of the egg, Surveyors tape measure ,tape measure clip, Lao Tzu waited for several days, has not seen, go, go to clean them up!" Because of the successive victories in the war, the officers and soldiers of the Chinese New Army at this time seldom knew what defeat and timidity were. It was their common fault to be happy when they heard the war. Therefore, as soon as they heard the gunfire, they saw some soldiers hanging up. (Two of them did hang up, and three were wounded.) They were immediately high-spirited, high-spirited and elated. They were more anxious than the big girl who had been assigned to Russia after the New Year. One by one, they didn't even care about the system, and the cat ran there vigorously in order to grab a few sticks and beat them. Come on, if you don't go, you won't have a chance! More than a hundred South Korean local troops, estimated to be Yamen workers from a nearby county, were very responsible and super bold in their work. They wore colorful clothes that were neither male nor female, copied antique weapons that were neither Korean nor foreign, and picked up bullets that could not be hit by a hundred meters. They shouted slogans in their mouths, and their heads were higher than their buttocks. Is this called fighting? The Chinese soldiers surrounded the past while shouting happily, and all the Korean soldiers went to Grandma's house for tea with the appreciation of bullets like a pouring rain. The Chinese army marched without hesitation. There were few real enemies along the way. The dragon of 80,000 troops caused the Korean real estate along the way to suffer a severe cold winter. The door panels were picked and the grass on the top was taken down to feed the horses. Can that still be regarded as a house? It's too shabby to be a toilet. Of course, South Korea's farming, animal husbandry, and fishery were also stimulated a lot. The requirements of the new army were to support the war by fighting, to bring as little supplies as possible, and to use local materials. Therefore, wherever the army passed, the Koreans in the villages were basically exhausted, (pulling Xiaofu), the grain in the warehouses was exhausted, the livestock in the sheds was exhausted, and the chickens and ducks in the courtyards were exhausted. That was really clean, and things were done perfectly. So, after the war, Koreans lamented that this was the winter of Korean economic history. It is more cruel than the winter wind sweeping the leaves. However, the Chinese New Army later explained to the South Korean Ministry of Economy that the Chinese army swept through the Ahu Feilin area of South Korea, which greatly stimulated the development of the South Korean economy there, and the recovery of production increased the GDP of South Korea there by several percentage points. Congratulations. After crossing the Imjin River, the Third Army rushed due east, targeting the North Han River, the capital of Korea, Seoul, then known as Seoul, located on a long river, namely the Han River, which is like the spring of wheat, with many sources of evil, of which the North Han River is also very large. Along the banks of the North Han River, the Chinese army rushed to the plains and encountered attacks by unidentified terrorists along the way. However, the terrorists in East Asia had extremely low combat capability and apparently received too little training. They were quickly defeated and killed, so the army went straight to Chunchuan. Chunchuan is located at the confluence of a river on the North Han River. It is not a small city, with a population of about thirty thousand. It is the seat of a county in South Korea. There is a garrison commander. There is an infantry regiment and a cavalry battalion in the local army. The number of people has reached nearly three thousand. It is really a big town. The generals of the Third Army, led by Commander Rong Meier, were very careful to face such a difficult problem that came out halfway. After a little thought, he decided to learn from the Israeli practice in those years. In order to speed up the speed, he surrounded the important areas of the South Korean army along the way without fighting, so as to protect the realization of the main military objectives. As a result,Adhesive fish ruler, a brigade of infantry was left to threaten the enemy with a siege, forcing the Korean soldiers to retreat into the city, and then the rest of the army rushed across Jiangjin at a faster speed and rushed to the southeast.

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