Goodbye, Pluto

With the expansion of the field of vision, Bai Luoluo's pupils shrank slightly and almost held his breath for a moment. That is the color of the deep sea.

"But you admit that you've been away from school a lot lately?" "……" "Tell me," Xia Qiu walked a few steps faster than the boy, and then turned around to block him, "what happened?" "Friends?" Yin Mingxiang was silent for a long time before he couldn't help saying, "Is it a lie?" The girl squinted and shook her head. "But it's my only friend now." "Oh, well." The boy looked like he didn't understand at all. It's surprising that you and he are brothers. "Huh?"? Brother The boy was stunned for two seconds and reacted, "Oh, that's not true.". I'm kind of friends with him. We were together in junior high school, when he was our eldest brother. "Huh?" It was Shan Ying's turn to be surprised. "He, too." Through the '? ". "Oh yes.". Although he has the serious face of a top student now, he was also a well-known role in the street at the beginning. "Nonsense." Unbelievable. How could I lie to you! Do you still remember when I was in the second year of junior high school, I got a warning for participating in a group fight in the school district, which made you very happy? "I don't have it!" Got serious on minor issues. Whether you did or not, the incident was entirely caused by Gu Kite. "Oh,Chinese spa manufacturer, is it?"? Anyway, it's strange that you all live so happily one by one. Isn't that making trouble for nothing? "Gu Kite is not.". As far as I know, it seems that the family is not good. "Huh?" Didn't you say you were friends? Why don't you even know that? "……" But I only know one thing, and the details are not very clear. Anyway, there's a reason his parents left him abroad. What could be the reason? "Later I knew more about the reason why he'went straight '.". Because of her sister. The adopted orphan sister? But listen to Gu Kite's own description,endless swimming pool, the relationship between the two people is not like the state of mutual dependence. Shan Ying's brain is running fast, but he can't find a clue. …… It looks like you. "Huh?" The girl came back from the fugue and only heard the second half of the sentence. The schoolboy can repeat only again: "I say, his elder sister disposition and you are quite similar, do not say a word very much." Incorrect. It doesn't match the character who says the cold "hello" in the corridor. What went wrong? My sister. Do you remember? Gu Kite hesitated for a long time, and was finally defeated by the girl's direct eyes. Xia Qiu smiled, "Sister Gu Min?"? As an ex-girlfriend of your standard'sister control ', how can she not be deeply impressed? Seeing that the boy had a serious face and no sense of joking, he straightened up, "What's wrong with her?" The boy turns his face to the opposite side of the girl's position. Xia Qiu knew what this action meant, and it was meaningless to ask any more questions. The only thing we know is what happened to Gu Min. If that's the case, whirlpool bathtub ,hot tub manufacturers, it's understandable that Gu Kite has changed so much. Ohh. It was my cousin. I told you. The single shadow finally found the key to the problem. Where else does he have a sister? The boy raised his eyebrows in wonder. Yes. His family has an adopted daughter. "Huh?"? The relationship should be closer. Why didn't you hear him say anything about it? "It's normal.". He has a bad relationship with his adopted sister. "Yes.". It's really complicated. After turning, the road was suddenly blocked for reconstruction. Blue roadblocks stretching for tens of meters lie across the field of vision, and further on, there are yellow and black warning signs. The white moonlight traced their vague outlines. Surprised, the boy stood for two seconds and turned his head to Xia Qiu. Do you have to go through here? The girl did not listen to the boy's question and muttered to herself in a low voice: "." How could it be sealed? It was fine when I passed by last week. A little overwhelmed. The boy had no choice but to put his schoolbag on his shoulder, turn it over gently with one hand, turn around and reach out to the girl and say "come here", even he was stunned. Verse 60: Fifth Word Nebula in Your Name (7) It's the same. Through the railing, the boy waved to the girl. In my heart, he has always been a very important person, even if separated for a long time, or silently like him. The boy squatted down and changed to a height parallel to the girl, and the girl saw her little self hanging in each other's pupils. When I cried and missed him, he fell in love with other girls. The boy stretched out his hand to the girl, and the line of the face at the chin was crisp and gentle. When I deceive myself and comfort myself, he is strange to me because of lack of contact. The boy pulled up the girl's wrist and ran forward. I thought that when we were still friends, he didn't remember that I had ever appeared in his life. It's just my own wishful thinking. It's just my own wishful thinking. Very, very funny, isn't it? Xia Qiuwei was stunned. But instead of holding the boy's hand, he turned over and jumped down from the roadblock. After landing, he clapped his hands and looked at the entranced boy with a smile. Actually, there's nothing to say to me, is there? "What?" Back to God, "by the way, you and Yin Mingxiang are not dating." "…… No. Just want Yin Mingxiang to send. After the boy reminded her, "Her name is Shan Ying," he continued, "Is Shan Ying going home?" "Uh-huh.". It's much easier if you don't have a relationship. "Huh?" Can't understand the logic of the other side. What does it matter? "Yin Mingxiang is a person that single shadow has liked since junior high school." "…… Is it? She told you that? Speaking of Gu Kite's thinking, even I often can't understand it. It's like this again today. I was asked to send you back for no reason. The boy suddenly stopped. "Oh, did you tell him we went to junior high school together?" "No.." I only said that Yangming had my junior high school classmate, not you. Whose voice was it in the middle of the empty street in the moonlight? "Just because she doesn't say it doesn't mean I don't know." Shan Ying quickly turned around in panic, and the street was empty. The boy hurried up behind her and, after making sure nothing had happened,jacuzzi suppliers, turned around and asked softly, "What's wrong?" "…… No, it's okay. I heard a strange sound. 。

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