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It seems that Narcissus is trying to win over this divine teacher. It was the perfect opportunity. I was making waves between him and Ra. You're wrong. Fa Zhuangqing shook her head slightly. "Narcissus is going to attack you." Feng Zhaoyuan suddenly shook: "Impossib

It seems that Narcissus is trying to win over this divine teacher. It was the perfect opportunity. I was making waves between him and Ra. You're wrong. Fa Zhuangqing shook her head slightly. "Narcissus is going to attack you." Feng Zhaoyuan suddenly shook: "Impossible?"? Raksha clearly came to show his kindness just now. Fa Zhuangqing sighed: "According to the original, your understanding of the secret powers, can be called peerless genius, talent, even the immortal, flash soul can not compare with you.". But when it comes to scheming, you're still too young. Don't you think that Narcissus has gone too far with you? Feng Zhaoyuan felt a chill in his heart, and then he understood the meaning of Fa Zhuangqing. Raksha's physical seduction, coupled with his words hinting at the position of the chief divine teacher, these conditions are too generous. What's more, Garuda's death had already caused him to have a deep enmity with Narcissus. How could the latter change his mind so easily? Narcissus's overture came too suddenly. Fa Zhuangqing went on to say, "From Narcissus' point of view, even if I wanted to win you over, I would never be as impatient as I am now.". It must be carefully tested again and again, gradually seduced, and then give you some substantial benefits. But you can see that Raksha's promises this time are all empty promises. Feng Zhaoyuan suddenly said, "You're right. Raksha is just trying to stabilize me with sweet words this time.". Since they want to stabilize me,ceramic bobbin heater core, they must be ready to act in secret. "But at the heart of the temple," said Fa Zhuangqing, "they wouldn't dare lay hands on you. So I suspect that Narcissus has temporarily changed the venue of the celebration this time because he intends to do it there. Feng Zhaoyuan nodded, this time to the dark road, must be full of danger. A few days later, Ra gathered all his men and was ready to go. Feng Zhaoyuan stood on the Star River, watching an olive-shaped flying object rising slowly. Because the dark path is a realm that has not yet been opened up,cordierite c520, there is no energy channel to reach it, only with the help of flying tools. This is the first time that Feng Zhaoyuan has seen a flash flying object. Its structure seems to be very simple, and the bronze metal surface shines and flows. In the middle of the olive bulge, there is a cylindrical furnace, which is always boiling with metal solution, very similar to the solution of the star pool, which should be the power source of flying objects. Ra's men walked into the UFO one after another. In the past few days, his team has come from various galaxies. A total of about three hundred flash soul. Ten divine powers, it can be said that the strength is amazing, no wonder Narcissus will be very concerned about him. By this time, the three factions were already very clear. Feng Zhaoyuan and Gandharva stood in the camp of Ra, Narcissus and Raksha stood opposite them, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Ceramic Band Heater, surrounded by a group of flashing souls, while Yaksha and the Dragon King looked at the two sides of the confrontation from a distance. Feng Zhaoyuan suddenly understood. It turned out that the celebration meeting was a gathering to compare the respective forces within the Flash Soul. He counted the spirits of Narcissus. But only a hundred people. The momentum is really not as good as pulling God. Narcissus smiled and said to Ra, "Are you ready to leave so early?" God Ra snorted coldly, "I am not as familiar with the star field of the Dark Way as you are, Master Narcissus.". So we had to start early to avoid getting lost and missing the carnival. Narcissus did not seem to hear the thorn in Ra's words and said with regret, "I still want to set out with Lord Ra.". It's just that I have too many important things to deal with, so I have to leave a few days later. Pull God skin to smile flesh not to smile: "Then I wait for you respectfully in Yin Huidao." Narcissus said lightly, "I wish you a pleasant journey." Following the God, Feng Zhaoyuan and Fa Zhuangqing also walked into the flying object. At the moment when the cabin door slowly closed, Feng Zhaoyuan saw the unpredictable light flashing in Luocha's beautiful eyes. With a bang, the flying object glided along the long galaxy for a while and flew through the air. Feng Zhaoyuan stood in the cabin, unexpectedly found that everywhere is transparent, like a glass box, you can clearly see the scenery outside. The flying object kept accelerating, and the heart of the temple gradually turned into a blurred shadow. There were rows of semicircular seats in the cabin, which were wide and comfortable, but hundreds of people stood in awe, and no one dared to sit down without the permission of God. Pulling God patted Feng Zhaoyuan on the shoulder, and his fierce eyes swept over all the flashing souls. He said in a deep voice, "This is the new Feng Shenshi of the committee, and he is also the most important subordinate of Pulling God.". From now on, you must obey the Wind Master as you obey me. Flash souls in unison, the wind according to the original secret way to pull God really a little fierce mind, not only did not because he had contradicted him and bear a grudge, on the contrary, give him greater power. As soon as Ra said this, he was under one person and above a hundred people. This is a long voyage. Sit down and rest, all of you. With a wave of his hand, the flashing souls sat down together, and the bubbles of world power formed by the ten sighted people wrapped themselves in cosmic sleep. You three come with me. Pulling Shinto, he was the first to enter the command cabin. In the command cabin, there is a long square table, pulling God to gather the world's strength, pressing on the corner of the table, a crystal clear ball slowly arched out from the table, the surface of the ball is painted with different colors of logo. Feng Zhaoyuan saw that this was a delicate interstellar navigator. In addition to the terrible energy of light and shade, the scientific and technological civilization was also far superior to ordinary creatures. This is the dark road. Ra's finger touched a cross on the orb. "There are three routes to get in there." He stroked his finger and landed in a gray area on the left side of the dark road: "The first route is to pass through a dense group of meteorites. With the performance of our spacecraft, we may be able to barely pass through.". Comparatively speaking, this route seems to be the least dangerous,10g Ozone Generator, but it is also the most unsafe. Gandharva nodded. "If I were Narcissus and wanted to use this opportunity to deal with Lord Ra, I would have used my brains and set up an ambush in this area." Feng Zhaoyuan and Fa Zhuangqing exchanged glances, and it seemed that Ra was ready to deal with Narcissus. God nodded: "So I intend to give up this route." 。 global-ceramics.com

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