Buddha-like female companion teaches scum to be a man

Han Li three people did not stay, at the moment is to speed up the escape. It was not easy to cross the cliff and come to the other side of the peak. Han Li could not help looking back, but saw a black head as big as a mountain peak in the sea of clouds, towering in the clouds, staring at

Ning Yiyi was stunned by one shock after another, and in a daze, she grabbed the arm and instinctively moved her legs to run forward. A thought turned over and over in her mind: "Lin Xuanran is already irretrievable." Suddenly, she heard Han Zili whisper, "I'm sorry." "Well what?" "Just now, in fact, when I was facing Younger Martial Sister Lin, I showed a flaw, so that I failed to defend, and almost got you hurt together." Han Zili's voice was full of pain. In the end there has been a love, can not immediately turn around to hurt each other. "I can understand," said Ning Yiyi with a wry smile. It doesn't matter. I don't blame you. If you don't hesitate to draw your sword and fight with Xuan Ran's sister, I will feel that you are ruthless and untrustworthy. Han Zili took her to the forest to watch the battle from a distance. "I didn't expect it. I really didn't expect it. No one can be partial to her this time." Ning Yiyi said disappointedly, "Well, yes." After all, do you still want to fight with the woman? She obviously worked so hard to get close to her, understand her, and comfort her when Lin Xuanran was rejected by the public, but all her good intentions were turned into donkey liver and lungs, and she was fried with the fire of the Demon Sect. Alas,mobile racking systems, then don't care about that much, tear it! In the distance, Gu Changge lowered his face and said to Lin Xuanran, "Lin Xuanran, you really let me down." Su Weiqing stood aside and said, "In the past two years, Tianyuan Zong has given you a chance to practice without worrying about food and clothing. Not only do you not know how to repay your gratitude,push back racking system, but you have so many things to do!"! And kill your classmates! You ungrateful little white-eyed wolf! Not a word of their words reached Lin Xuanran's ears. Lin Xuanran's eyes were still staring at the direction of Han Zili and Ning Yiyi's departure, like a stake standing on the ground. Behind her, the black-haired boy rolled in the earth, screaming, his bones creaking, stretching and widening at a speed visible to the naked eye until he was pulled into the shape of a young man of about twenty. Su Weiqing turned pale and said, "Are you the child who suddenly appeared that day?" At the beginning of the tournament, Lin Xuanran went on a rampage and was caught by the crowd. Of course, Lin Moying was the first to be anxious. As soon as his brain was hot, he rushed to the stage and then smoothly pushed it down. Only later, everyone's attention was on Lin Xuanran, who had launched an attack on Ning Yiyi, and he had to turn into a cat and run away. Ling Qingyang said with a smile, "Lord Su Feng doesn't know something. This is a black cat raised by my family. He was ordered to look for my lost daughter many years ago. Now he has successfully completed the task and returned to the divine religion." When Lin Moying recovered his breath, cantilever racking system ,warehouse storage racks, he dared not speak much. "Sister," he meowed in an aggrieved manner. Lin Xuanran finally heard it and turned to look at him very slowly: "You have worked so hard for so long, Mo Mo." "Sister, do you remember?" "Mmm." Lin Xuanran nodded with an expressionless face, "but I used to think you were just a cat." Lin Moying smiled, "It's because of my sister that I look like this. Be careful!" It turned out that Su Weiqing took advantage of Lin Xuanran's distraction, and his hand was like electricity, and his sword was inserted into her back heart accurately and ruthlessly! Ling Qingyang stepped forward and said, "Well, I take back the preface. It seems that the sneak attack is the tradition of the so-called'Fairy Gate '." Su Weiqing shouted, "Talk to the evil spirits of the Demon Sect about manners and etiquette!"! Look at it! Gu Changge also joined the battle, while the Lord of Qingyun and the immortals of other sects shouted, and once again fought with several elders of the Demon Sect. Elder Martial Brother, what do you think we should do? Ning Yiyi is about to panic. Why is the Demon Sect so strong? Don't go all out to lift Tianyuan Zong and the whole fairy world. What's the plot behind it? Han Zili shook his head and said, "It seems that they won't be able to fight for long.". Let's help get rid of these minions. Sweep out two disciples of the Demon Sect with one sword. Wait a minute, is there a man missing on the field? As soon as Ning Yiyi felt something was wrong, she felt that her shoulder had been patted for the fourth time. Ling Yanfei. She didn't have time to exclaim, but Yang Yuejian pointed straight at the throat of her opponent and was lightly and skillfully flashed by. She thought that she would pull a cushion even if she died, so she used her sword crazily and avoided it every time. I heard that it was because of you and him that the young Lord was so confused that he rose through the plunder? Ling Yanfei's eyes flashed a trace of inquiry, "interesting.". ” Ning Yiyi was so tired that he had to stop. Han Zili kicked away a disciple of the Demon Sect and shouted, "Younger Martial Sister!" Several people jumped over and stood in front of her, looking at Ling Yanfei warily. Ling Yanfei rolled his eyes between the two of them and suddenly said, "It's a pity to become a demon for love, but I don't know if it's ridiculous to have only love in my eyes." Without waiting for Ning Yiyi to say anything, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away: "I didn't expect that the young Lord would become like this." When Han Zili wanted to chase him, Ning Yiyi held him back and said, "Forget it.". Didn't you hear Ling Qingyang call him'senior '? It must have been easy for him to take our lives, but somehow he let us go. Han Zili said in a low voice, "I'm still too useless." Ning Yiyi smiled helplessly and said, "Don't always blame yourself so much. If you fly up, you will be no worse than them.". Even now, without you, wouldn't the people under us be in a mess? This is indeed true. As the first disciple, Han Zili was the first of the younger generation to stand up and fight when the Demon Sect attacked. With his leading role, everyone rushed to prevent the disciples of the Demon Sect from going on a rampage. As he spoke, the other side had stopped, and it was almost a lose-lose situation. Su Weiqing broke his leg and held his sword in a cold sweat, but he could not fall down. Gu Changge was better, but his face was pale and his feet began to weaken. Ling Qingyang is the most frightening. His robe was torn, and it could be seen that most of his right arm, like his face, had withered so much that it was thin and dry, and the trend was still spreading upward, not knowing whether his right shoulder and even his right chest were also affected. Ning Yiyi thought, could it be that Ling Qingyang would consume his life whenever he used his secret power? Does that mean he doesn't have long to live? Then she found that from beginning to end,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Lin Xuanran did not help the magic religion, but immersed in his own world, only when someone attacked to fight back. jracking.com

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