What You Need To Know About Laser Cutting Aluminum

Most people will tell you that cutting complex shapes in various metals can be tricky without the application of a high-quality laser engraver.

your own situation. You can also consult HTPOW, and we will also bring you professional laser-cutting knowledge.

ortur laser master 3

While many makers and laser enthusiasts will find the production of these components tricky at best, Ortur's team has leading-edge laser-cutting technology to help bring our customers' designs to life.

Laser cutting is our livelihood. We manufacture hundreds of components every day using a variety of metal types. However, laser-cutting aluminum can present some unique challenges for any laser-cutting subcontractor. Ortur Laser Master 3 can meet these challenges very well, you will absolutely love using Ortur Laser Master 3 this powerful laser engraving and cutting machine.

What are the Challenges of Cutting Aluminum?

Reflective: Like stainless steel and other polished metals, aluminum is reflective in nature, which can cause the laser beam to be reflected onto the nozzle, potentially causing costly damage to the laser cutter. Ortur home laser engraving machine has a 20-person RD team to update and upgrade this problem and finally solved this problem this year.

Sometimes aluminum comes with a coating on the material, which means the reflective properties of the metal are hidden underneath. The real danger of the metal doesn't arise until you start cutting and the coating is removed, causing damage to the LaserPecker 2.

How to Avoid Problems with Laser-Cutting Aluminum?

Not every laser-cutting subcontractor can get around these issues when cutting aluminum or other reflective metals. The equipment and machinery needed to achieve the end goal can cost a lot of money in capital investment. However, with this in mind, we only use the best laser cutting machines available, for laser cutting aluminum we use a 10W fiber laser cutting machine.

The 10W fiber optic machine delivers the beam directly through the fiber optic cable through the head without mirrors. The beam is stable, resulting in cuts without blowback. This means we can cut aluminum in large quantities with minimal problems.

HTPOW Laser Cut Aluminum Services

HTPOW is one of the global laser-cutting service subcontractors. This means we are fully capable of providing high-quality service to all of our customers, including laser cutting of aluminum.

We have the skills, equipment, and quality standards to produce custom laser-cut aluminum components for every type of home. If you have an upcoming project where you need to laser cut your components or parts out of aluminum, contact the team at HTPOW today to see how HTPOW can help you.


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