Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2126

Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2126

“I heard that there is no, Heavenly Constellation Palace found a Divine Corpse in Desolate God Valley!”To get more news about Dual Cultivation, you can visit freewebnovel official website.

“Divine Corpse? Impossible!”

“hehe, where did the news, Heavenly Constellation Palace clearly found a broken Heaven Realm Divine Weapon, no!”

“Fuck, where did you get the news, how did I hear that Heavenly Constellation Palace discovered Divine Beast in Desolate God Valley?”“Divine Beast, God, your uncle, where there may be pure blood Divine Beast appeared, less Bullshit, is Heaven Realm Divine Weapon !”

“How is it impossible? Golden Crow Empire has pure blood Golden Crow, and your knowledge is too little!”When Xiao Chen and Li Xiuhai talked about the deal, Murong Yan and the others paid for the rumors and spread the rumors.

In the beginning, it hasn’t caused others to be noted, but some people who have discovered that Heavenly Constellation Palace really have something wrong.The rumors that were not at all credible have become confusing.

“Big news! The elite of the Heavenly Constellation Palace has left the branch. Now only the cold spring Senior is left alone.”

“Fuck, don’t tell me rumors are true?”“This Heavenly Constellation Palace, what the hell is doing, the elite has left the branch.”

“There was news. Someone was beaten back by the Heavenly Constellation Palace in Desolate God Valley. The Heavenly Constellation Palace drew a forbidden zone in Desolate God Valley.”

The rest don’t need Murong Yan and the others too much to worry about, just a little bit of oil and vinegar, Heavenly Constellation Palace has a big discovery in the Desolate God Valley, and it has spread throughout the entire Desolate Ancient Town.

Caused the Desolate Ancient Town, many forces have noted.Desolate Ancient Town Rank 6 Sect One of the controlling sword gates gathered to discuss what the Heavenly Constellation Palace found.

Controlling sword Door-Sect Master Ye Rong expression The dignified road: “Several people, what do you think of the exception of Heavenly Constellation Palace?”The presence of People’s King, the Elder character of the controlling sword door, almost all arrived, and the battle was quite large.

“The current rumors are flying all over the sky, but there is no one to be reliable. The only thing that is likely to be certain is that the elite of the Heavenly Constellation Palace has indeed been dispatched. They have really drawn a restricted area in the Desolate God Valley. What was discovered, but no news was revealed.”

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