I think, first of all, you need to build a living area

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In case you have 90+ attack and OSRS gold strength, then melee will be better. Ranged setup though would go something like this... Method - Stand straight in front of these, shield melee and utilize eagle eye. They will hopefully melee the majority of the time, and your d'hide / arma will tank nearly all of their magical strikes. The only damage you'll take largely is that their ranged attacks.

I think, first of all, you need to build a living area, and build a floor in the center of it and construct an oubliette room under it. You also will need to construct a trap door in there. After that, there are two other methods of getting into it: A significant cave entrance that you build in a garden/fancy backyard. A flight of stairs in a room.

After constructing one of those two you have the option to build a space under, and there should just be one choice for it. After you construct those room(s), you are able to build normally in building style, building treasure chambers, dungeon corridors and junctions, or some other room from above that you want to get down below also.

Furthermore, in case you haven't already, doing the Love Story pursuit unlocks a new sort of dungeon room that adds a whole multitude of new dungeon guards which you are able to add down there, like scarabites, black demons, iron dragons etc., and most of these new monsters are less costly than the initial trolls, hellhounds and steel dragons etc.. If I missed anything feel free to cheap RuneScape gold ask away again.


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