Ultimate Guide on Amazon Sponsored Products

Two million-sellers are operating on Amazon. With that many sellers, competition on the market is fierce! This is the point at which Amazon Sponsored Products come in.

Two million-sellers are operating on Amazon. With that many sellers, competition on the market is fierce! This is the point at which Amazon Sponsored Products come in.

The customers on Amazon are eager to purchase as well. Sponsored products can be the most effective method for eCommerce businesses to get their message to them.

If you've seen ads across Facebook, Instagram or eBay promoted listings, including Amazon advertisements to your list, is the next step. If you're not used to the world of online advertising and sponsored ads, Amazon is an excellent place to begin your plan.

A brief introduction Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon advertisements function in the same manner as Google's. Users just type in a keyword and the results from organic searches that are relevant appear, along with paid ads.

Amazon sellers who wish to market their products create campaigns to ensure that their advertisements appear when specific keywords are searched. Similar to Google Ads, users only have to pay when someone clicks on it.

Types of Amazon ads

Amazon provides three types of self-service advertisements to sellers. They include sponsored product ads brand ads and display ads.

Amazon Stores is also listed as an option for advertising. The free feature allows sellers to build storefronts that are on-brand and multi-page in Amazon and is certainly worth your time especially when you are planning to use the brand-sponsored ads that are mentioned below.

1. Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon sponsored product ads are displayed on top, to the side, or inside Amazon result pages, and on the individual pages of products. They enhance the visibility of certain items and also drive Amazon customers to the product's pages.

To benefit from these advertisements, your products have to be eligible to win Amazon Buy Box. Amazon Buy Box, meaning they need to be priced competitively and you should have a proven track history.

2. Sponsored Brand Ads

Much more extensive than product advertisements Amazon's sponsored brand advertisements assist in introducing new customers to your company. 

They typically feature an image that is linked directly to the Amazon storefront. Sometimes they include a variety of items from your inventory.

Amazon sponsored ads for brands can help increase your brand's visibility. If people click on your ads, they're more likely to remember your name and look through your merchandise. 

These ads are great for businesses that are focused on branding and are looking to establish long-term relationships with their customers and not just one-time conversions.

3. Sponsored Display Ads

Amazon currently offers advertising for its sponsored products that allow sellers to expand their reach to third-party websites and apps. This feature is in the process of being tested and is available only to a select group of sellers.

The ads for sponsored products and ads for brands employ keywords to reach consumers, this alternative is completely different. It creates advertisements based on the behavior of people.

To get started with amazon retargeting ads read the Amazon display ads guide by SellerApp.

Other kinds of Amazon advertisements

If you're looking to invest a lot of money, Amazon also offers further video, display, and custom-designed ads in addition to the option to run programmatic ads using an Amazon DSP.

Premium ads are visually appealing and are displayed on Amazon as well as its other platforms, including third-party ones. They can be used to advertise businesses that do not sell products through Amazon. They do require a commitment of a minimum of $35,000.

The self-service alternatives offered by Amazon need a minimum investment of one dollar per day.

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