What is Halogen Free PCB?

What is Halogen Free PCB?What is Halogen Free PCB?

What is Halogen Free PCB?

Halogen-free PCB boards are made of halogen-free raw materials. The PCB boards produced are called halogen-free PCB boards. Halogen-free board is an environmental protection material.To get more news about Halogen Free PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.

Halogen free PCB's are those that have very low or negligible content of Halogens in them. Chlorine and bromine are the primary elements that make Printed Circuit Boards toxic in nature. When boards made out of these materials are subjected to high temperatures, they release harmful gases in to the atmosphere. For a PCB to be halogen free, it should have less than 900 parts per million of chlorine and bromine and less than 1500 parts per million of total halogens in them.

There is an increasing demand for environment friendly PCB products in electronics industry as they are trying to reduce and eventually eliminate toxic elements. Since Halogens free PCB's do not contain these toxic elements, they have been in high demand.

Properties of Halogen Free PCB's

They don't release harmful gases into the atmosphere unlike halogen PCB's that have high concentration of chlorine and bromine which are toxic for the environment.
Adding Halogen flame retardant to the PCB increases the Dielectric Constant of the material impacting design targets and other design considerations.
Halogen free PCB's have comparatively higher rigidity and lesser strength of the laminate.
They have lower machinability of the laminate that affects processing cost and via reliability.

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