I'll walk through a couple of'standard procedures' items

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Dude, there's something terribly wrong with your general training. Powertraining in 3 days shouldn't result in 10K in slayer effort, but I've gotten that in around an hour. Though, at your level, sorry it took me five or six minutes in :3. And what do you mean concerning chickens? Are you using that method in RuneScape gold your in training?

Could you describe how you train? The majority of people don't train for GWD until they're at level CB 100, and this is typically in an 11-man team. Three things: Conspicuous is the right word. Torag's help isn't enough and you'll need karils/d to hide. Could you please make use of RS Wiki just a LITTLE? (E.g. your quest-related questions... (and the Gear requirement ...)

Runescape continues to dc me. When I sign in to lobby, try to go into one server and you know what? I can see my stats and stuff and chat boxes, however the rest of the screen is black. There is nothing to load after that, and I sometimes see it dc me in the lobby . What is this.

I'll walk through a couple of'standard procedures' items. Based on my understanding, a black screen issue is caused by some older editions of java. Are you running the latest version of Java? Are you running the most up-to-date version of your web browser? If you are experiencing issues with the update of Java and buy osrs infernal cape your webbrowser doesn't solve the issue, be sure to answer these questions so we may be of more assistance What operating system are you running? Which web browser do you use? Have you ever had the chance to play the game before? Also, you can modify the graphics before you log in to the game. located in the upper right-hand corner on your login screen.



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