Game of Thrones Subway Surfers: How to Get a Character's Crown.

Game of Thrones Subway Surfers is an incredibly popular game

How to Get Crowns

in Game of Thrones Subway Surfers You have to try and collect coins while riding on the subway. Coins can be collected by tapping on them, or they can be collected by jumping from the train. These coins can be used at the store for a variety of items. The number of crowns you get depends on how many gems you have collected in total. When you purchase crowns, your total number of crowns will increase by one. When you have enough crowns, go to the store and buy a crown, as well as any other items that may interest you from there

Tips for playing the game subway surfers

There are a few tricks to get the best crowns in the game. First, you should always ride the subway, since that's where the crowns are. Secondly, the fastest way to get a crown is to collect two coins on one ride. Thirdly, if you're looking for more of a challenge and want a higher crown, avoid riding trains that have other characters with crowns on them.


As you can see, this game is incredibly fun and easy to play! With these helpful tips, you can get a crown in no time.


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