Nike Dunk Low CNY “Firecracker” 2021 New Arrival DD8477-446

Nike Dunk Low CNY “Firecracker” 2021 New Arrival DD8477-446

Nike brought the CNY-themed Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 35 to everyone in one fell swoop this morning. Have you gotten started? At the same time when it was released this morning, Nike launched a Dunk OG "Firecracker" with Chinese New Year characteristics on its official website.
Air Jordan Shoes 2021,The design of the whole pair of shoes is inspired by firecrackers that are indispensable in the traditional Chinese New Year. The light blue upper is covered with a dark blue frame and matched with a variety of firecracker wrapping paper patterns, which is full of layers. There are hazard warning labels and Nike company information on the left and right shoe tongues. The biggest highlight of the shoe body is the recently popular scratch-off design, and this time it uses a double-layer scratch-off game! After scraping the outer upper, the red upper of the middle layer will be displayed. After continuing to scrape the red coating, you can see the black and gray uppers. From the red symbolizing the firecrackers to the black and gray color that represents the gunpowder residue on the ground after the firecrackers are set off, the process of scraping each time is just like the process of setting off the firecrackers. It can be seen that Nike has carefully grasped the design of this pair of shoes.
The red heel is embellished with the golden yellow Nike lettering, creating a festive and festive atmosphere while being quite eye-catching. In addition, the red shoe box draws inspiration from the packaging of the firecrackers carton, and the opening position is affixed with a warning yellow sticker, which is unique and interesting without losing a sense of design. The upper foot effect is also good, presumably after the official debut, it will be a pair of fashionable styles.

Start link: Nike Dunk Low CNY “Firecracker”, item number: DD8477-446

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