How players of Madden 21 stop the run during the game

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Basically, every Madden player who can have a greater advantage in the game has a common habit that is that they are good at passing the ball to the players who are in the best offensive position, although their own data may not seem so bright but it is also a good thing that he can help his teammates become better. In general, proper passing is better than doing it alone. If players can use MUT 21 Coins to get a player with excellent passing ability, they will know how useful he will be in the actual game.

From another perspective, stopping at the right time is also a very important part. First, players need to remember which players are in their lineup and which players are good at. If they don’t have a good alignment pre-snap, stopping the run is very difficult. Players will not get much pressure on the line of scrimmage from a “dime” or “nickel” look. If they see a bunch of tight ends or a fullback coming in, select the 4-4, 3-4 Bear, or 4-6 defensive fronts. Simply having more linebackers close to the line of scrimmage will help pressure the edges of the offense and funnel outside runs to Buy MUT 21 Coins.

Another way is to shorten the distance between all the players on the field. Putting their defensive linemen in base alignment will place them head up over the offensive linemen, giving them more flexibility on either side. Base aligning is only part of the equation and can be a hindrance, the important part is press coverage. If players think a run is coming, select press coverage to get your cornerbacks, safeties, and coverage linebackers as close to the line of scrimmage as possible. If they front seven get beat, having their cornerbacks and safeties closer to the ball can ensure that they don’t beat players by much.

These are the best ways to stop the run in Madden 21. They also need to do things to enhance their lineup strength, not just focus on the training of central defenders or quarterbacks. Players in the passing game also need players to train. They’d better Buy many Cheap Madden 21 Coins at GameMS to meet their goals in order to be able to move freely in future competitions.


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