He tells me he wants to create a channel -- one that plays various games

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The concept of trash-talking wasn't born with Madden nfl 22 coins Belton. While he's certainly the most popular person doing the same thing on YouTube for Madden video games, trash-talk clips are commonplace in other sports games such as NBA 2K. (Another kind of game Belton hates: "I thought Madden was excruciating However, 2K actually makes me... I'm unable to play it, that's because of how it upsets myself.")

For the channel, Belton plays a few games a week -- and tosses those that are boring to share. Finding the best trash-talkers to play is a skill. "I've noticed that with these people that the more rubbish they are talking about, the less effective they're at the game," Belton says. For good videos, he requires an opponent who can perform well and to be obnoxious in the best way.

Outside of creating video clips for his YouTube channel, Belton seldom plays Madden just for fun. A majority of his time is being edited. The time for a game is less than an hour, however editing that video can take eight hours.

He tells me he wants to create a channel -- one that plays various games.

"I love Call of Duty: Warzone. I'm just beginning to get back into Fortnite. I'm being beaten up in every game, but I like it. And then I want to play more games, like PC games, scary games, or anything like that," he says.

However the sport he's adept at -- the one in which He is able to consistently blow away his rivals -- is still Madden.

I'm asking him if it's possible that he's just soured on mut 22 coins cheap the game since it's his main source for income or if he believes there's a problem with the level of the game.



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