Why is the Magneto Wax Pen Better Than All Other Portable Vapes?

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Vaping is the new trend these days, with stores pushing their customers to switch over, instead of smoking. This has led us to develop new vaping devices. This article will answer why the Magneto Wax Pen is the device you need, which will give you more benefits than any other device on the market. So if you are looking for a portable vape pen that ticks all of your boxes, come check out the Magneto!

Introduction to Yocan Magneto

It has the power of 80watts. It has a ceramic heating element which means the greater surface area of your herbs is heated for even vaping of your material. It has three temperature settings. The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer size is compact and fits in any pocket or bag. If you enjoy vaping, then it is an ideal device for you.

What Makes the Magneto Different from Other Portable Vapes

The Magneto is the only portable vape that doesn’t use a coil or a wick. It just uses coils and magnets to create intense vapor and reduce clogging and burnout. The VaporBot team takes pride in its commitment to whatever vaping technology it may put its name on because our team is determined to make vaping an enjoyable experience without any of the frustrations of other products on the market.

How the Magneto Works

The first thing you'll notice about the Magento is its sleek, lightweight design. The Magneto is the only portable vaporizer to power on with a single button. Once it's powered on, all you need do is press the button, wait for two seconds for heating up, then apply it to your desired location. The heat will last for five minutes unaided before shutting off automatically, allowing you to conserve battery life. When it becomes necessary to recharge the Battery Pack, simply connect via USB cable and your charger will be ready in hours rather than days.

Pros and Cons of a Magneto Vaporizer

The Magneto, as its name implies, is powered by magnets. The magnetic design ensures that the vape is hassle-free and easy to use. The unit weighs only 82g, which is considerably less than most leading portable vaporizers. The battery life of the Magneto vape lasts for an impressive six hours on a single charge, which significantly exceeds that of other devices.


The Magneto has a higher vaporizing temperature than other pens on the market. This is advantageous because it produces more potent, cleaner tastes and deliveries very smooth, steady pulls. There is a long list of health benefits that vaping weed may have over smoking.


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