Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, players seem to receive the long-awaited additions

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Site Animal Crossing World reports that the most recent 1.11 and 1.10 updates of New Horizons included code referencing museum cafes. Roost Coffee Shop appeared in the first few issues of "Animal Crossing." This shop is usually run by the character Brewster, who will sell coffee to players and eventually allow them to work in the shop for special rewards.

In previous Animal Crossing games, the habitat was sometimes located on a separate floor of the museum. According to the latest data, the 1.11 patch adds camera parameters referring to "IdrMuseumCafe". This is after the content added in the previous 1.10 update, in addition to referring to the third type of museum entrance "IdrMuseumEnt03", a new camera setting of "IdrMuseumCafe" was also discovered.

More than a year ago, hints of the expansion plan of New Horizons Coffee Shop first appeared, when another data found references to coffee shops and art galleries (the latter was officially released shortly afterward). Earlier this week, Nintendo assured fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that more free content is in development.

The weekly fireworks show will now start in the game, allowing players to see exciting things in the sky above the islands in the game! The fireworks will start every Sunday at 7 pm. Players can design their own fireworks, and raffle tickets can be purchased from Redd. Those who participated last year will be able to get new items this year. As mentioned in the patch notes, new Nook Shopping items can also be found. From August 10th to 16th, players will be able to get eggplant cows and cucumber horses. From September 12 to 21, you can find dumplings, moon cakes, and muffins. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Items and Nook Miles Tickets on MMOSO.

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