Animal Crossing: New Horizons leak surprised and excited everyone

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been launched for more than a year, but its popularity and endless game loop means that many people are still playing Switch exclusive games to this day. Since the release, many of these fans have been thinking about the same thing: Where are Brewster and his cafe? Many people were surprised that they didn't see the fan's favorite character at the time of release, and many people were even more surprised that this has not been corrected. That said, it looks like this may eventually change with future updates. Animal Crossing and Nintendo Switch spread within the community, and it seems to spoil a pretty big surprise in the game.

With the latest update of the game version, 1.11-there are new documents indicating that Nintendo is working hard to add fans' favorite characters and his cafe. In fact, according to data miners, there is evidence that Nintendo has been researching this content. This may indicate that it is actually obsolete content, but this does not explain why it continues to be updated in the game files. There may be an explanation for this, but it is not an obvious explanation.

As for the files themselves, they are not very juicy or significant. In fact, apart from pointing out the existence of the above content, they did not do much. However, if you are interested in the evidence itself, you can read more about it in Animal Crossing World. At the same time, bring a grain of salt with everything here. Although there are documents in the game that indicate the existence of Brewster and his cafe, it does not mean that these documents will produce anything. Sometimes, data mining leaks can produce misleading and spread false conclusions. Players can Buy Animal Crossing Items and Nook Miles Tickets on MMOSO.

This leak has caused a lot of heated discussions, and the official may also make adjustments. We can find many surprises in the latest update version 1.11. Other activities will not make us bored.

This game is so amazing, and its appearance has accompanied many players through a difficult time. Players will need Animal Crossing Bells in the game, and a large number of Animal Crossing Bells will greatly help them build islands. If players want to buy Animal Crossing Bells, I recommend you to MMOSO. There are not only the Bells you need, but also Animal Crossing Items and Nook Miles Tickets. I believe that the buying experience on MMOSO will make you feel comfortable and there will be things you want.

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