Since childhood, I have been addicted to WoW

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I would like to see more variety of thematic and meaningful quests. They are essentially copied from "go in search of chests of x" or "go kill the x monster and y" or "go to location "x and wow tbc gold engage with "y". Some quests require that you go to an ancient ruin and find me some rivets... or go to the edge of a waterfall, to place an easel. They lack any flavor or meaning for the world. (Of course, some do, for instance, the Pastor Walsh quest line. But it seems that they are uncommon.

A greater variety in the types and kinds of enemies I meet could be beneficial. The archers all behave similarly to the dryad archer to the lost archers. They are all duplicated with a new name and so on. There needs to be more distinction between them in order to make the world feel more complete.

It is imperative to find a way to stop a single faction from dominating the server. There isn't a clear way to address this issue however it's a major issue. If one faction is dominant, there's no pvp for the rest of the game...

Since childhood, I have been addicted to WoW for the majority of my life. When I was only six years old, I first started playing WoW. By the time I reached 12, I was playing for a minimum of 10 hours every weekend. I was obese and spent all of my teenage years playing the game. I stopped playing between the age of 17-19 and began losing the weight. I also met new people and became addicted to drugs (marijuana addiction). But I still became a part of buy wow classic tbc gold the game on a regular basis, and I continued to play.



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