Fantastic tips from RuneScape while playing!

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For NPCs that have attacks and pickpockets it is possible to go to game settings and

then hide NPC attack options so that RS Gold pickpocket is on top of the list and becomes the

left click action. It is helpful for Ardougne Knights Guards, guards, etc. in training

for thieving. No need to right-click every time you want to steal, you can simply spam

left click.

In RuneLite it is possible to use the Menu Entry Swapper plugin is an even more

powerful version that allows you to change several things. Left-click fill/empty

pouches and bags and make "use" the left click action for bones when offering at the

altar of chaos or PoH gold-plated altar, and many other aspects.

In game settings, you can set the value of drop or alching items . A box appears to

confirm your actions. This is great on mobile devices so that you avoid dropping or

alching something important by mistake. It's also possible to reveal drops that aren't

tradeable in the chatbox in red, and also drops that exceed a set gold value. Again

nice for mobile to ensure you don't need to long-press a pile every when you take

something down, set the value at 1gp and it will tell you every single drop.

RL also includes the entity hider plug-in that allows you to block other players, pets,

and even yourself. It's helpful in very crowded areas like Wintertodt massive worlds,

so that you'll be able to clearly see any time you get injured and lose your focus and

splashing worlds with Ardy Knights to ensure that you don't accidentally click through

the knight because there are too many people being on that tile, and any other location

where it can be helpful to be able to ignore other players. Hiding your player model

can be helpful when you are at the chaos altar in the wilderness , so that when players

try to sign in to the same tile as you, you will observe them right away. If you're

playing PvP or LMS in general and players sit and freeze, then you will be able to view

their gears, and react in a similar manner.

A lot of people overlook the low-end silver jewelry. If a necklace is faulty, it has a

25% chance of negating the stun when not pickingpocketing. A necklace of passage has

some really useful teleports, amulet of bounty gives a 25% chance to save seed at

allotment areas which is beneficial for more expensive seeds such as snape grass. The

amulet of chemical provides a 5 percent chance to make a 4-dose potion instead of 3

doses. The amulet of chemistry contains an interesting mechanism for making costly

potions that require lower than 3 doses, such as stamina and divine potions. It is

possible to increase the yield by making potions that contain just one dose using the

amulet which takes 3x as long but gives a 5% increase in yield using the same

ingredients. It is particularly useful for ironmen who would like to extend their

amylase or crystal shards as far as feasible.

Monks from many monasteries can heal you if you contact them, which includes the ones

in the Ardougne monastery where the Ardy cape can teleport you. Free unlimited teleport

to an altar and talk to the monk in order to heal. Also when teleporting there you can

run northeast around the corner at the bottom of the zoo in order to get access to the

docks or bank to sail to Brimhaven, you don't have to run across the zoo and back east.

Also to get to West Ardy you can run straight to the west, around the base part of the

clock tower and then north until you reach the gates instead of cheapest rs3 gold going through the zoo,

then to the castle. You can also use the spirit tree right there.


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