Learn everything you need to know about playing NBA 2K22 on your PC

NBA 2K22 will not turn a blind eye to desktop gamers

NBA 2K22 will not turn a blind eye to desktop gamers.

The release date for NBA 2K22 on the PC has been officially announced today! In addition, we have a slew of new details on pre-orders, pricing, and the brand-new Cover Athletes! In the following section, you'll find out everything you need to know about what NBA 2K22 will have to offer on the PC.

NBA 2K22 will be released on all platforms, including the PC, on Friday, September 10, 2021, according to the official release date. In the event that there is no early access, 2K will usually make a demo available prior to the game's official release. So, here's where you can learn everything there is to know about the demonstration.

Price on a personal computer

You can see the prices for NBA 2K22 in the table below. Happy shopping! The NBA 2K22 Standard Edition for the PC is available for purchase for £64.99 / $69.99. The 75th Anniversary Edition for the PC is available for purchase for £84.99 / $99. 99 (this price includes both the current-generation and next-generation versions).

Pre-Order for NBA 2K22

Pre-orders for NBA 2K22 MT Buy are now being accepted through the official NBA 2K22 website, which can be found right here! The Dallas Mavericks' Luka Donic graces the covers of both the Standard Edition and Cross-Gen Digital Bundles, which are available separately.

The cover of the 75th Anniversary Edition will feature Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and current NBA star Kevin Durant, while the interior will feature a variety of celebrities.


Will the next-generation NBA 2K games be released on PC?

This question was posed to the NBA 2K22 FAQ, and the following response was provided:

This is something that the team is very passionate about, and they will continue to look into what is possible for the franchise in the future if they are successful. Now that NBA 2K22Xbox One MT for sale has been released, the focus has shifted to making sure it is optimized for the new consoles (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S), while also making sure the experience remains fresh and innovative for players on other platforms.

Game Modes for the Current Generation

Unfortunately, new next-generation game modes such as The City are unlikely to make their way to current-generation platforms. However, it is possible that NBA 2K22 will attempt to improve existing modes such as MyTEAM or MyPLAYER in order to compensate for the lack of new game modes.

Because the vast majority of people still do not have Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5, NBA 2K22 will almost certainly have a significantly higher number of players on current generation consoles, so it is unlikely that they will completely ignore improving the current generation experience. 

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