Many players are curious that Nintendo will introduce island expansion in the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons update?

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One of the biggest disadvantages of Animal Crossing is the island's limitations. The space of an island is limited, and each player can only own one island. This may also lead to other shortcomings. Islands are usually designed according to themes, which can often be transformed into seasonal decorations. For example, Halloween Island is great, but only at that time of the year. Players of Animal Crossing have wanted island expansion for some time.

The expansion of the island will open a world full of possibilities for players. Players have been guessing and hope that there will be more content in future Animal Crossing updates. Some larger requests may be forthcoming. After data miners discovered many interesting files from the 1.11.0 update, it seems that the return of NPC (Brewster) and Gyroids may be on the way. The next one, arguably the biggest update, maybe the expansion of the island.

Nintendo announced in a tweet that there will be two updates to Animal Crossing in 2021. The 1.11.0 update has come and gone, changing a lot of things. However, this is ultimately only a seasonal update. The second one was promised before the end of the year, but people are guessing when it might happen. It may happen in November or even October because the 1.11.0 seasonal event will only take place during Halloween.

The second update in 2021 may involve the addition of Brewster and Gyroids, but it may also include something bigger: island expansion. Animal Crossing players have an island limit, which is actually very strange. In the real world simulated by Animal Crossing, there is no real limit to how much land a person can own. The amount of land on the earth is limited. Players do not get bored with this game, they even go to buy Nook Miles and Animal Crossing Items.

However, the game is virtual and has no limits. Players can spend bells to expand their island, or get another island. Either way, it is in line with what Animal Crossing strives to be: a simulator in real life. I don't know if Nintendo will include this in the next update. It has not been discovered in any data mining, but it will be a huge addition that many players have been longing for.

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