With the eagerly anticipated build-up towards FIFA 22

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With the eagerly anticipated build-up towards FIFA 22, the latest version represents a clean slate for many, while some are hoping that the points they have on FIFA 21 can be transferred to the new game.
But is it possible? It is a question that has been asked by many and we are delighted to be able to reveal the answer for you!
There are two forms of currency in the FIFA series, Coins and Points, with the latter differing from the former in the sense that these can only be accumulated with real-life payment.
Thanks to FIFAUTeam, it was revealed that Points acquired from FIFA 21 can be carried over into FIFA 22 up until 31st December 2021.fifa 22 coins xtmmo
However, this is only possible for Points, and not Coins. So we recommend that you spend all of your Coins in FIFA 21 before getting your hands on FIFA 22.
This is great news for gamers and means that those concerned will not be losing out on money, as they hope to obtain some of the players in the game in packs.
EA Sports have today revealed major changes to the Volta Football game mode for FIFA 22.
Volta Football was first included in the EA Sports' FIFA video game franchise in FIFA 20, with EA describing it as a mode that 'takes the game back to the streets with an authentic small-sided football experience', with the word Volta meaning 'to return' in Portuguese.
The mode is essentially a remake of the popular FIFA Street video game series, but instead of being released as a standalone game, it's been included within the EA Sports FIFA franchise itself, and it will feature again in FIFA 22.fifa coins
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