Can Data Recovery be recovered from Apple devices?

Have you ever experienced a loss of your important files: messages, contacts, photos or documents, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod ? Unexpected situations sometimes cause your Apple devices to lose the information kept on it with Data Recovery.

These losses are often caused by a jailbreak, an update of the new IOS system, or a simple careless deletion. If this happened to your iPhone iPad or iPod , there is nothing to worry about! It is indeed possible to recover missing Data Recovery on Apple devices . You have the alternative between doing it yourself or asking for assistanceof a professional for recovery.

Recover and backup your data from a computer :

Restoring your data with a computer is possible using iOS Data Recoverysoftware. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the computer with the USB cable supplied with the device to transfer data, following the instructions that appear on the interface.

Then proceed to scan your device.

  • Enter DFU mode if you have iPhone 4/3GS, iPad 1 and iPod touch 4 models. Then scan the lost files in your device. For later version of iOS devices , go directly to scan your device.
  • Click the “Start” button displayed on the recovery interface of iPhone iPad or iPod .
  • Enter DFU mode on your device using the Home and Power buttons.
  • Once the scan is complete, all your files will be displayed by category. Preview them one by one before selecting files to restore.Depending on the data you want to search, all or just deleted files, make a selection of the items, transfer them to your computer and recover.

Data Recovery with iTunes Backup :

Deleted apps or files can be recovered through iTunes, if you have backed them up to iTunes before, and they are saved on this backup. So you need to connect your device to the computer and open iTunes.

When your Apple product has been detected, right-click and restore your device by choosing Restore from Backup. Otherwise, select Summary in iTunes, and click Restore .

Choose Recover from iTunes Backup File. A list of your iTunes synced backup categories will be provided. Select the files you are looking for. Then click Start Scan to extract it from iTunes backup.

Note that a full restore of the iTunes backup to the Apple device will be done if you are using iTunes. This will overwrite all information, so you may lose existing Wikipediadata on the device. It is advised to extract iTunes backup and restore themselectively. To perform this selective recovery, do not connect your device to iTunes when you realize you are losing information. Otherwise, it will update the iTunes backup file. You can also only restore applications available on App Store .

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