How to Choose a Best Data Recovery Company?

Information is the lifeblood of business and is therefore always stored within the Data Recovery company, whether on simple computers, USB sticks or robust RAID systems.

Mechanical and electrical failures, virus contamination, system malfunctions, accidental deletions, formatting, natural problems (with water, fire or smoke, for example) and shocks are just a few- some of the problems that can lead to Data Recovery loss and the need to recover the hard drive.

So what to do when data is lost? If you follow our blog, you know that downloading applications from the Internet and/or trying it yourself is not the right solution. The ideal is to turn to a data recovery company quickly and, preferably, without intervening on the damaged medium.

At this point, a question arises: how to choose a reliable data recovery company? It's simple. See below the main requirements that the company must meet and have more confidence in hiring it:

1. Specialization :

Make sure the company specializes in the media you need to recover – many companies specialize in just one type of media. Look for companies that offer a wide range of Data Recoveryservices on the following media: hard drive, SSD hard drive, memory card, pen drive, RAID, storage, database, magnetic tape, virtual machines, among others.



2. The secret :

It is essential that the company guarantees absolute secrecy in the process of retrieving information. This way, you do not run the risk that other people have access to your data.

3. Deadline :

Don't forget to ask about delivery time – some companies charge below market price but take a long time to deliver media and data. Recovery time varies by device and issue, but the estimated average is 10 business days.

4. Price :

Be sure to compare prices – it is impossible to estimate values, but it is possible to identify a reasonable average price by comparing prices between different companies, taking into account the delivery time and the quality history of the service, which in turn can be seen through some success stories.

5. Index :

Ask the company for their data recovery success rates, specifically for the type of media to be recovered. Good recovery rates are around 80% success, while companies with lower rates should be challenged.

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