Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market to Grow at around 12% CAGR during 2027

The growth of the market is likely to be driven by the rapidly increasing construction activities in Saudi Arabia, owing to the growing government focus on infrastructural developments for economic diversification, i.e., propelling the demand for interrupted power supply for various operat

The research report titled Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market Analysis, 2027 provides a comprehensive analysis of The Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market based on insights gathered using a mix of primary secondary research activities. Our research analysts aim to present a holistic view of the industry, including its size, share, growth factors, challenges, emerging opportunities, restraints, sales analysis, regulatory requirements, competitive landscape, geographical analysis, among others, as per the following:

*Historical Period: 2017-2020

*Base Year: 2021

*Forecast Years: 2022-2027

*Units: USD Million/Billion

The Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 12% during the FY22- FY27.

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How did the Covid-19 impact The Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market?

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted different industry verticals worldwide, and the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market was no exception. The imposition of lockdown movement restrictions resulted in cross-border trade limitations, supply-demand gaps, etc., which, in turn, changed priorities for the players operating in the industry. Since no organization knows when this crisis will come to an end, it is crucial for them to prepare for such a situation in the future by carefully functioning.

Our research analysts are continuously monitoring the changing market dynamics while engaging with the industry experts to provide our clients with detailed insights help them adopt strategic moves to overcome any similar situation in the future. This section of the report comprises all market insights predictions considering the Covid-19 impact while also offering effective strategies pursued by the leading industry players to overcome challenges caused due to the crisis.

Note: - Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, MarkNtel Advisors are constantly monitoring its effects on the industry providing detailed insights on the overall estimate of the market.

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Market Segmentation:

The Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market Analysis, 2027 research report bifurcates into the following segments, sub-segments, geographies. This section has been examined thoroughly by our research experts, and the profitability growth potential of the market during 2022-2027 has also been highlighted.

Market Segments into, By Type

Diesel Generator

Gas generator

Market Segments into, By Capacity

-Up to 100 KVA

-100.1 KVA-350 KVA

-350.1-750 KVA


-Above 1000 KVA

Market Segments into, By Application

-Power Utilities

-Oil Gas




Market Segments into, By Region





Scope of the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market:

This research report aims to provide stakeholders with crucial insights into the market growth trajectory through 2027, including the key market drivers challenges, recent developments, latest trends, and help them understand the detailed profiles of competitors to enhance their position in the industry. It also mentions the strategic outlook, various acquisitions, mergers, collaborations by the leading companies participating in the market.

Leading Companies of Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market:

-Al-Futtaim Auto Machinery Co.


-Byrne Equipment Rental


-Energy Equipment Rental Co.


Available Customization of Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market Report -

Key Questions Answered in the Report:

-What are the key factors driving or restraining the growth of the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market during 2022-2027?

-How the advent of Covid-19 has changed the market dynamics?

-What would be the most prominent segment in the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market in the coming years?

-What are the various strategies adopted by existing market leaders to stay ahead in the competition?

-What are the key strengths weaknesses of the leading competitors in the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market?

Reasons to Buy the Research Report:

-For a holistic view of the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market that will allow key stakeholders to benchmark all the companies operating in the industry.

-To help businesses gain a better perspective of the industry dynamics target audience and strengthen their position in the market.

-For a comprehensive competitive landscape, their, revenues, sales analysis.

-To get qualitative insights into the Saudi Arabia Power Rental Market highlighting potential threats opportunities to minimize investment risks.

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