What Is The Difference Between Magic Mushrooms And Lsd Microdose Truffles?

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Besides the fact that magic mushrooms and truffles are psychedelics and contain the same psychedelic substances, there are some distinct differences. Not only do these natural products differ in how they grow (above ground and below ground), but there are also differences in how we can use them.

Mushrooms are no longer sold fresh and are no lsd microdose longer for sale in the smartshop . In the smartshop you can buy a mushroom growing kit and grow mushrooms yourself. It's an educational and fun process to do and you also get a fair amount of magic mushrooms that you can dry and store.


Freshbox Magic Truffles are fresh and ready to eat. Sirius Magic Truffles are not vacuum packed, allowing them to breathe. For this reason, our truffles are always "alive" and you can experience this in the psychedelic experience.

Another advantage is that fresh magic truffles keep for a very long time. It is important to store Magic Truffles in the refrigerator. There is an expiration date on the back of a box of Magic Truffles. The law obliges to indicate this expiry date on the portions of truffles, but the magic truffles remain good well beyond this date.


It is normal for a white layer to form on the Magic Truffles, this is mycelium which continues to grow, since the Magic Truffles are fresh.

If you want to keep magic truffles for a long time, it is also possible to dry them. To do this, cut the truffles into thin slices and let them dry on unbleached kitchen paper in a warm, dry room.

Magic truffles smell bad and look slimy? This is a sign that they are no longer good and you should throw them away.

Are magic truffles legal?

Magic truffles are legally available in the smartshop. Unfortunately, it has been illegal to sell magic mushrooms since 2008. Luckily, it is possible to purchase a magic mushroom grow kit and grow your own magic mushrooms. Moreover, it is also possible to buy ready-made magic truffles for a psychedelic experience. Will you stumble upon magic truffles for the first time? Contact our customer service for questions about tripping over truffles for the first time. Read our blog and consult our encyclopedia for more information.

Magic truffles are not legal everywhere. It is therefore important that you check whether magic truffles are legal in the country where you want them.


How much magic truffles?

In the Sirius magic truffle assortment you will find the strongest magic truffles as well as magic truffles suitable for beginners. Is this your first time using magic truffles? Then start with the Freshbox space shuttles for example. These are magic truffles ideal for beginners.

A standard dose of Magic Truffles is 10 grams, but you can also start with a lower dose of Magic Truffles, or even a micro dose of Magic Truffles. This way, you can experience the psychedelic lsd microdose effects of magic truffles. We sell magic truffles in convenient Freshboxes in 10 gram, 15 gram and 20 gram portions. It is also possible to share a portion of magic truffles, or to combine different kinds of magic truffles.

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