Spring Blossom: Elegant Seasonal Bridal Editorial

These gorgeous Spring images were produced by Cotswolds wedding photographer and Love My Dress recommended supplier, Captured by Katrina.

They embody the elegance and freshness of Spring and were a chance for Katrina and her creative partners to collect after months of lockdown and make it again. The words that follow are by Katrina…

"This shoot happened in May this past year, when covid restrictions were beginning to lift, when so a lot of us creatives have been stuck in your own home unable to do what we should love perfect for so long, and merely before the busiest wedding season a lot of us have ever known."

"This shoot will hold a really special devote my heart due to this. It was this kind of incredible moment for all of us all – to finally return together and do what we should love most, to produce."

"To finally make a start together as a team again and also to start the growing season as we designed to go on, filled with joy and excitement and creativity."

"The idea behind the shoot was twofold; firstly, you want to grasp your hands on one from the themes that a lot of us had noticed to leave the few smaller and much more intimate weddings we'd done – the benefits and beauty of the intimate social gathering."

"We wanted to produce a tablescape that drew from the more muted tones of traditional weddings and embraced the patterns, colours and textures of the British garden party."

With this in your mind, we made a tablescape filled with layers, textures, and colours and filled with blooms. We went for any classic blue and pink colour in conjunction with a blue and white patterned tablecloth, soft pink textured charger plates and so the traditional blue and white Denmark plates layered on the top. Go

"Soft pink linen napkins and traditional tarnished silver cutlery tied with pink velvet ribbon and put names finished the area setting. Pink tapered candles in tall glass holders, blue water glasses and pink champagne saucers completed the table."

"We also wanted the shoot to embody the growing season of Spring. May in Gloucestershire has bountiful blossom and Honeysuckle Flower Co really embraced this developing a stunning floral statement piece around the houses' drawing-room windows and another within the dining room fireplace while using natural shapes from the blossom branches intertwined along with other seasonal florals."

"Along the centre of the dining table, there is an abundance of flowers in pinks, yellows and purples – a genuine ode towards the blossoming of spring. The overall effect was heavenly."

"The stationery was beautiful and continued the theme from the abundance and celebratory style of the English garden party. Menus were beautifully decorated with illustrations of the food to become served and written in several bright colours. The envelopes for that invitations were bright red with exquisite illustrations of flowers and fruits adorned inside."

"The invitations had illustrations from the English manor I was shooting in surrounded with flowers and also the bright colours and stunning pictures were this types of joy to photograph, perfectly complementing the abundant and colour dinner settings."

"For the bridal look, we used a superbly talented bridal designer, who made a stunning lace wedding dress with this shoot. Long billowing sleeves, delicate pearl buttons, a plunging neckline and a full skirt were perfect for that lady from the house."

We accessorised having a stunning headpiece and jewels from Victoria Percival, an amazing headband hand sewn with countless fine pearls and crystals to produce a beautiful statement halo, combined with sparkling star and moon chandelier earrings.

"For shoes, I was lucky enough to possess a pair of Harriet Wilde shoes, elegant and classic in white having a statement organza bow which matched perfectly with the type of dress and accessories. They constitute and hair was so beautiful."

"Delicate and subtle with beautiful pink lips and cheeks and bright eyes made a look that perfectly complemented the power and brightness of spring. The bride's beautiful long hair was handed the perfect blow-dry and styled using the incredible pearl Aphrodite's headband nestled atop."

Article produced at: https://www.feeltimes.co.uk/

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