Surprising Ways To Gift Your Partner Diamond/Gold Jewellery!

Are you struggling to find out the perfect gift for your partner? Every boy wants to make his partner happy in a different way.

Are you struggling to find out the perfect gift for your partner? Every boy wants to make his partner happy in a different way. But is there any other good option apart from the 14k gold chain  diamond? Instead of handing over the jewellery box or wrapping it in paper, you can pack it in thousands of other ways and make your partner more surprised. Your partner will love the efforts you give to make simple jewellery more interesting! Here we are going to share the new ways to wrap the present to double up the excitement over your thoughtfulness. If you don't know how to build your jewellery gift stand out, check some interesting ways.


  • Hide the gift: You can use the scavenger hunt idea and give your partner a few options and hints to find them. Ask them to find the gift by giving them some verbal clues. Like you can announce that you have something special for them near the Christmas tree and let them find it. Finding a gift like Diamond flower earringsis always overwhelming, but this game can make the whole process more interesting.

  • Plan a surprise time: There are some prime gift-giving occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons, right? So, sometimes your partner is already aware that they will receive a beautiful gift from you. So, in that case, you can make some changes in the timings of your gift and let them feel that you have dropped the special day. You can present the same gift by organizing a special dinner, and this scenario will make them more surprising!

  • Mislead them through packaging: The jewellery boxes are easy to recognize right, and everyone can sense there is jewellery inside. So, instead of wrapping them in a paper or traditional jewellery box, you can try some other ways. Keep them in suspense by misleading through packaging. Yes, sometimes your partner may disappoint or be frustrated by this, but they will definitely hug you tightly in the excitement once they receive the box. Add 4 to 5 more boxes for packaging and wrap them together.

  • Choose a special location: The value of the gift will increase when you choose a special place to give them surprises. Make the jewellery more meaningful by searching for a location where you both have a lot of memories. Like you can choose the place where you have met for the first time or choose the place where you proposed to them. Otherwise, you can choose some beautiful place where your partner wants to visit. In this way, you can make the gift more significant.

  • Improve the presentations: You can enhance the presentations of your gift by inserting them into a glass ornament. Many craft stores have beautiful glasses with flowers, pastels, and glitter in different colours. These small ideas can increase the value of your gift and make your partner feel how special you are!

  • Replace their jewellery box: You can also replace their old jewellery with a new one and let them be surprised. Otherwise, you can add 2 to 3 small gifts with their favourite 14k gold 20-inch rope chainfrom LOVEBLING and add them to a box to increase their suspense level.


Do you love these tricks? You can show them your creativity and love in many other ways. A girl always loves when his partner puts extra effort into them! Do you want to be the special person of your partner? Choose any of these gift idea options and build memories together!

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