Activate Youtube in Any Devices by Activation Code

You are trying to setup up the YouTube account, enter the code Users can easily activate YouTube using activation code and enjoy streaming on your Smart Device, Apple TV, Computer, and Mobile.

Enter youtube activation code -

Enter your 6 digit YouTube activation code at to activate YouTube. - Youtube offers a way to activate your account on all devices. It' is command Youtube and activates by follow this URL Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to activate your YouTube account to eliminate restrictions on all of your devices

When I find my 6-digit verification code for YouTube Channel?

youtube com activate

If you activate the Youtube channel you will be asked to confirm your mobile/cell phone number.

Choose your operator's country code and then enter your phone number. After enter your number, then click "Send verification code".

If you don't have a mobile or cell phone, please call our customer service department and help you by following this procedure.

When you click "Send verification code" you will receive a text message with the 6-digit code.

If you don't receive the message, you can select "resend".

After you have received your six numbers code text message, you must input the code in the "6 digit verification code" field. Click the green button which says "Submit code".

How to activate youtube from

Start the YouTube application on your device

Log in to your YouTube account

A window will pop up with a YouTube activation code

Ensure to put down the code in a secure location.


Enter the YouTube activation code

Click Accept or Agree to the terms and conditions.

The confirmation screen will appear within the application.


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