A Sublime, Romantic, and Intimate Elopement in Tuscany

These sublime photographs are from Martine and Rio’s very real elopement, that happened in the gorgeous Tuscan hills inside a pre-covid world in September 2019.


The couple hired Scotland-based destination photographers, to capture their day.

"We desired to keep everything as easy as possible, giving priority towards the things that matter probably the most for us, like photography. So we just centered on the research of this."

"Having Nico and Vinx on our day continues to be the best thing we're able to have done. They are probably the most caring and fun people ever."

"Of course, we've chosen them due to their talent and incredible photography, but discovering the gorgeous human beings behind the cameras made the entire experience an unforgettable day to treasure for good."

"We honestly happen to be blown away by our photographer's style – taking a look at their photos gave us already lots of inspiration in the very beginning."

"We have always believed to each other that being together sometimes feels as though we're inside a movie."

"So were the images we saw on our photographer's website – these looked like stills from the movie."

"Rio and I are in the same city and we never met before until we were both invited to some party. Rio did the very first move and I honestly fell in love quickly because of his charisma."

"We happen to be together for a few years however it took a really short time to understand I was meant to be together." Click

"I was wearing a meghan markle wedding dress by FeelTimes. I also wore a classic straw hat that belongs to some collection I have had since I would be a child."

"I was dreaming about something simple yet personal, so I asked Anna to produce something that reminded me of the shades of Tuscany, and my fascination with old movie costumes."

The Tuscan hillside provided probably the most sublime backdrop with this couple's romantic and intimate elopements. The images that follow tell probably the most beautiful love story…

"My vows were a poem that's very dear to my heart that describes my feelings for Rio much better than anything I have read or that I might have written. It is by among my favorite authors."

"I have a big adoration for those old romance movies where one can feel the passion among two lovers and revel in also the costumes of these timeless eras."

"We wanted each day that was natural that may reflect us plus the way we conceive our story, that's why we chose to have probably the most intimate celebration ever, being only the two of us."

"We found just around the wedding day, nearby of where I was staying, an awesome florist designer, also it turned to be the loveliest bouquet I might have ever wanted, it had been simply made from white gypsophila."

"It continues to be an amazing day, but I was all surprised at an incredible sunset at the very end. It has been probably the most mesmerizing sunset seen."

"Rio and I were sitting and that we just stopped as it were to enjoy that while admiring the shades that were within the sky – it had been like taking a look at a living painting."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Follow your guts, don't hesitate to make the ideal come true."

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