​All upcoming updates of Animal Crossing October 2021

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What we expect from Nintendo is to get a complete Direct with new horizons rather than a simple trailer. In addition, if Nintendo does not plan to make a major update, it will release a short trailer in Nintendo Direct. This update method is also summarized by players based on experience.

In addition, we may even soon acquire some quality of life characteristics. The fence customization function has been data mining before Brewster. For confirmed updates, players have already prepared to buy Animal Crossing NMT in advance from ACBellsBuy. After all, bells can buy some items in the game. The probability of updating the fence customization function based on past data is very high.

Last but not least, Nintendo may add some new crops to the game. So far, all data mining reports have been implemented in reality. Gradually acquiring more game-related items is one of the gains from detailed mining of past data.

In addition, this will be the best time to add more potatoes, tomatoes, and so on. There is also the upcoming Turkey Day event. In the future, more surprising activities will be realized. Players who like the noisy atmosphere will choose Buy ACNH Items to devote themselves to the game. There is also a Turkish Day event representing Thanksgiving, which occurs on the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States.


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