How To Soften Bamboo Sheets

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If you just bought a new set of bamboo bed sheet and are wondering how to care for your sheet, you are in the right place. Bamboo sheets do require proper care during washing and drying, however they are relatively low maintenance when compared to silk sheets.

You may feel that the bamboo sheet sets you bought are a bit stiff when you first opened up your sheet, that’s completely normal, bamboo sheets can become a bit stiff in the packaging but after a little bit of softening they will become the softest sheets you have ever experienced.

Putting your sheets in the wash on gentle wash cycle and with delicate laundry detergent and line dry will do the trick. Although fabric softeners were used on traditional bedding and cotton textile, do not use it on bamboo sheets, they will damage the natural fabrics.

After the first wash, the bamboo bed sheet will become incredibly soft. Bamboo fibres are naturally long and thin. Bamboo threads are weaved together for the entire length of the sheets with noloose end which why bamboo feels a lot more smooth. Whereas some of the traditional cotton bedding, the threads are often shorter than the length of the sheets and the ends of each thread were overlapped to weave the sheets. The loose ends of yarn through the sheets can provide a scratchy feeling after numerous washes.

At Whom, we are pleased to offer a wide range of luxurious bamboo bed sheets Australia. All of our bedding textiles are manufactured under strict OEKO-TEX certifications to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals or processes used. With proper care, you can rest assured that your organic bedding will continue to stay soft and smooth for years to come.

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