The best way to get bells in Animal Crossing

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Bells can be said to be the most important item in the new horizons of animals crossing. Bells can be used to buy tools, furniture, clothes, and various other items in the game. The bell is also used to repay the player's debt to Tom Nook. This is essential for upgrading players' houses or funding construction projects in cities and towns.

Bells are very important items. Players can use bells to complete most of the things in the game. Therefore, players want to earn as much income as possible every day. Players who have done their homework know that they can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACBellsBuy. Fortunately, players can earn bells in many ways according to the rules of the game.

You can also earn bells by looking for stones in the game. For some players, this is a way of entertainment. Once the player finds the correct rock, they should hit the ball as soon as possible until it stops generating bells. Players can immediately open these bags to get bells.

In addition to the money stone, players can also shake the tree in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to find more bells. For players who like to explore, you can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Island Designs while enjoying the game. Every day, at least two trees have a chance to drop furniture or ordinary bells. If the player likes, the furniture obtained from the tree can be kept.

In addition, selling bugs and fish is an easy way to get bells all day long. Different kinds of bugs and fish can be found on the island at any time of the day, so players can hunt and fish as much as they want. In short, there are many ways to get bells.


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