With Dr. Medha Bhave, plastic surgeon in Thane, get the smile you desire with the Dimple Creation Surgery or Dimpleplasty performed by her at Laser Cosmesis, best cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai. Dimpleplasty or dimple creation surgery is a simple, safe, and straightforward, potentially reversible procedure wherein a scar is created in the dermis of the chin or cheeks, a small portion of the muscles are taken out from the area, and absorbable sutures are used to bring dimples into existence. For achieving a lifetime tethering effect and naturally-appealing dimples, the plastic surgeon precisely adjusts the depth of the sutures and the eliminated muscle mass. The procedure provides safe and satisfactory results quickly and without pain and less recovery time. It helps brighten the individual’s smile and adds to the facial aesthetics. Visit Lasercosmesis to know more!