New World developers have confirmed that PvP has changed dramatically

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Since its release in September 2021, New World has been going through a series of changes as developers try to manage many bugs and vulnerabilities in the game. With so many moving parts, it is difficult to track exactly what has changed and when it has changed. However, with some transparency in the developer's post on November 2nd, the studio has confirmed that the game’s open world PvP will undergo some major changes.

On November 2, 2021, Amazon Games confirmed a series of upcoming changes in New World PvP in a lengthy developer corner post. The most important of these changes is to change the PvP mark rewards and some exciting new tasks. "The last good news for flippers in all territories is that there will be some new PvP mission types coming into the game soon." In addition to these new missions designed to increase the diversity of PvP, now marking PvP will generate More rewards. This is especially true for those who have reached level 60.

According to the developers, there are several short-, medium-, and long-term changes to PvP marking. Two changes in the short term should help. Firstly, it will increase the player's luck when being marked, and secondly, it will reduce the durability damage to the equipment when being marked. This will reduce the risk of being marked a bit, especially in terms of the final game equipment maintenance cost. "

The developers will also adjust the reward for PvP kills to 60 so that they can increase the player’s high watermark (HWM) more...Long look forward to a new open world event where flagged players can participate, we hope to stimulate and reward some small-scale participation of the entire Aeternum. "

The official post went on to talk about the developers' reflections on war and territorial control. Each of these mostly comes from the positive sentiments of the developers, however, some changes in tax distribution are expected and some adjustments to the war will be made in the near future. The developers have been working hard lately and the community has noticed this and created several appreciation threads on the New World Forum. However, their work has not yet been completed. The team has urged players that they are about to fix the game’s gold distribution loopholes, which has led to the closure of trading stations and all forms of gold transfers.

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