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The items prohibited by Southwest Airlines baggage allowance policy are inclusive of:- Lithium batteries, Certain electronic gadgets, Matchsticks, Electric lighters, Knives and sharp objects, Electronic cigarettes and vape devices, Aerosoles, Plastic explosives. With respect to the Southwe

Southwest Airlines Carry-on Rules for Travelers and Pets to Know

Southwest Airlines has been preferred by numerous passengers due to its affordable services. As per certain passengers, apart from affordability, the airline also promises flexibility. Southwest Airlines carry-on rules have been made for giving this flexibility to the flyers. Carry-on bags can be understood as luggage that can easily fit beneath your seat or in the bin area overhead. Such bags can be easily carried to flights. By giving them the flexibility to carry such bags, Southwest has attempted to make the journey of flyers convenient.

Carry-on Dimensions and General Guidelines

Carry-on luggage items can differ in several ways. Passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines may bring differing luggage pieces onboard. To fairly allow every passenger to carry these pieces, the airline has outlined the approved dimensions. According to Southwest, 10 inches x 16 inches x 24 inches remain the dimensions that should not be exceeded. 

Southwest bag size may be modified and may not stay limited to the given dimensions. Even then, the size dimensions should be adhered to. Also, it may be helpful to know that on Southwest 2 free checked bags may be allowed as carry-ons. The flyer will have to ensure that each bag’s dimensions and weight falls within the limits set by the airline.

Note: In a few instances, certain travelers may exceed the suggested dimensions. The Southwest bag fees may have to be paid to get the allowance for taking the carry-on luggage to the flight.

Southwest Baggage Carry-on Allowed/Disallowed

The affordable air carrier, Southwest can approve or deny certain carry-on items from being carried on its aircraft. Not adhering to Southwest Airlines carry-on dimensions can be one of the reasons behind disallowing this. Let us also look at the other reasons why the airline may allow or disallow certain items.

  • From the safety point of view, Southwest may prohibit sharp or pointed carry-on items.  
  • Strollers that may not be foldable can also be disallowed. Contrary to this, strollers that can be collapsed can easily be carried onboard. 

Traveling with Your Pet on Southwest

Southwest can be regarded as a pet-friendly airline. The passengers of the operator have acknowledged it for making it easier to travel with pets. Southwest Airlines pet travel policies should be followed when travel has to be made easier. The airline can allow dogs as well as cats, provided that they have been vaccinated. Along with this, the passengers are allowed to take domestic pets on board.

There can be more rules relating to the pet travel policy of Southwest. Some of these can be read below:


  • The operator approves taking pets that are small in size.
  • Pets can travel inside the cabin of the aircraft. However, they should be placed below the seat located in the front of the passenger.
  • A carrier should be used for taking pets as carry-ons on Southwest.
  • An important point to note is that pets may be disallowed on flights heading to international locations. Even when they satisfy the other Southwest Airlines carry-on rules, international flights may not welcome them.

Note: Prior to carrying your pet on a flight of Southwest, you should be mindful of its behavior. Airlines like this one may not allow a pet who often growls, scratches, barks, defecates or urinates onboard. Southwest bag fees may or may not be imposed as a fine in rare instances of destructive pet behaviour.

Liquid Carry-ons on Southwest Airlines

Carry-ons on Southwest can include liquids as well. While the airline does allow such items on its flights, it expects the travelers to meet certain requirements. Usually, Southwest can approve liquid items such as gels, pastes, cream, aerosol, etc. 

The Southwest Airlines carry-on bag size for liquids may be limited to 1 quart. Also, the quantity of the items should not be more than 100 milliliters or 3.4 ounces. At the time of screening, some of these items can be checked with special attention for reasons best known to the airline.

Note: Any spray for the purpose of self-defense may not be currently approved by this airline. For carrying such a spray, you may contact Southwest to know the latest carry-on guidelines.

All in All

It can be surmised that Southwest can be an airline featuring both budget-friendliness and flexibility. To avail of the maximum benefits of Southwest baggage carry-on policy, following the available guidelines can be suggested. It can be easier to escape paying baggage fees when the guidelines have been well-followed.