Youthful Beauty Cream Review

suffocating it. . . . This foolish, habitual incorrect information approximately mineral oil and petrolatum

is frustrating. In the end, crude oil is as natural as every other earth-derived substance. . . Mineral oil and petrolatum . . . Can hold air off the skin to a degree, but  Youthful Beauty Cream  . . . It does not suffocate the skin!" (pp. 11-13). She also states that antiperspirants "can't absorb into the pores and skin . . ." (p. 14). I maintain that some thing rubbed onto the skin can be absorbed, so long as the molecules are small enough to bypass through the skin membrane; that is how patches work to supply medicine. Even though begoun makes a very good point that crude oil is "herbal," i trust in making educated picks of which earth-derived materials we apply to the pores and skin, and crude oil is not on my listing. It need to be referred to that.


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