The feet and ankle treatment of arthritis

A type of disease that generally occurs in the body due to swelling and pain in bones. This type of disease is known as arthritis. The causes can be different and various infections might take place.

You cannot neglect this disease because it is dangerous for your health. Hence we can say serious disease which can destroy the bones of your body. The feet, ankle pain will give rise to arthritis. Know in detail about arthritis in the feet and ankle.

Symptoms of arthritis in foot and ankle

There are few symptoms which you need to know before moving forward. Arthritis in the foot and ankle provide you with certain symptoms and trouble in your life have a look.

  • Whenever you touch the joint you will feel the pain. Hence we can say tenderness.
  • You might feel the pain whenever you move your ankle or foot.
  • The biggest trouble you will face while walking or moving around. The weight you put on will give you pain in your ankle.
  • A type of swelling or warmth beneath the joint is common to all.
  • The moment you take a rest you will feel the pain or swelling in your ankle or foot.

The type of surgery available

Arthritis in feet treatment undergoes surgery. The basic surgery included R.

  • Fusion surgery - this type of surgery is also known as arthrodesis. In this type of surgery, the ankle and the foot treatment is done properly. It involves the fusing of bones with the help of rods or plates. After surgery, the healing of all bones will remain constant and smooth throughout life.
  • Joint replacement surgery - in very severe cases this type of surgery is being performed by a doctor. It is also known as arthroplasty surgery. The most severe case is where your bone or cartilage needs to be replaced by a metallic or plastic substance.

What are the advantages of ankle and foot surgery?

There are certain advantages of ankle and foot surgery. Have a look below.

  • The long-lasting pain before surgery will get eliminated and hence you will get relief.
  • Better functioning of your body will give mobility and relief.
  • Huge level comfort under footwear will make the appearance free without any pain. Following the procedure of surgery, you will get relief from pain in your feet.

Does it have any disadvantages?

Performing surgery has some complications and it depends upon person to person. It does not occurs every time but occasionally.

  • The replacement of joints is a hard process but not a long-lasting process.
  • For a while, after surgery, you will not be able to move your foot properly. This might occur for three to four months because of the excess weight of your body. It does not occur in every case but it depends upon human to humans.
  • Sometimes the nerve around your skin can damage the patches, hence it leads to numbness.
  • The complication during surgery occurs and infection or stiffness or swelling of the body.
  • Sometimes due to the occurrence of non-union, where fusion doesn't work properly needs further surgery.

Other alternatives

The pain underfoot archhas other alternatives rather than surgeries. The alternatives include foot care, drug treatment, or exercises. You need to wear modified shoes to get relief from pain. The style of your footwear should always be kept simple. Always where insoles altered shoes.

That drug treatment includes painkillers, non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Some steroid injections can also be used as an alternative. If these alternatives are not giving reliefthen kindly contact your doctor for surgery.

What are the complications in ankle and foot surgery?

The complications might include infection, stiffness, swelling, and bleeding. An overweight person can notice the complication more as compared to a normal weight person. After surgery, if any complications occur your doctor will advise some antibiotic treatment. Some of the signs include excess pain, redness, feeling warm in the affected area, or an unpleasant smell.

These are some of the complications which need to determine. Contact your doctor or perform some exercise by consulting an expert. The surgery can be complicated but you will get relief after complications.

Recovery rate

The recovery rate after surgery depends upon your health condition. The treatment performed by the surgeon will guide you for the next one-month routine. Performing this you will get relief and concern later. Hence you can see the recovery rate is 99% but for a few people, it takes time.

Bottom line

Contact your doctor and be ready for the surgery if you have ankle pain. The success rate depends upon your health conditions so have a healthy diet and follow the routine as predicted by your expert team. The more you get connected to it the better results you can grab from it.



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