MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

RMC Education Service Center was established in the year 2000 and we are considered as one of the leading MBBS Advisors abroad. We work and research brilliantly. You will get accurate information about universities, colleges and courses.

We offer the lowest MBBS fees in Kyrgyzstan for students wishing to study MBBS. Admission is open so Indian students can apply directly to Kyrgyzstan on merit basis.

The total MBBS fee for Indian students in Kyrgyzstan ranges from Rs 13 lakh to Rs 22 lakh for a full MBBS course. This is one of the main reasons why they choose Kyrgyzstan as their place to study MBBS abroad. The duration of medical study in English is 5 years.


Why study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan offers not only affordable medical education but also a much healthier environment for students from abroad. Medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan are equipped with all the basic facilities necessary for a healthy life of students. University campuses are well equipped with modern infrastructure and modern technology. The quality of education provided at medical universities in Kyrgyzstan is comparable to other developed countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

In addition to classrooms, students are given full opportunity through practical training and testing. Students should go on medical rounds to help them gain a better experience in their field of study.

The best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are recognized by the MCI, WHO, and UNESCO and listed in the Directory of World Schools of Medicine (WDOMS).

MBBS is affordable in Kyrgyzstan. The complete MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan can be completed in 15 lakhs * from any of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan.

The medium of instruction for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is English.

The best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer world-class facilities for Indian students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.

Universities for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan offer Indian students world-class accommodation with Indian facilities.

Students traveling to MBBS in Kyrgyzstan receive MD MD degrees from recognized Kyrgyzstan's top medical universities around the world.

The best medical universities in Kyrgyzstan offer MCI training.



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